East Siberian Laika - description of the breed

Since ancient times hunters of the Eastern andCentral Siberia were famous for their skills. And this is not surprising, because in these regions there were always a lot of valuable animals, hunting on which was a pleasure. Accordingly, it was in these regions that the best breeds of dogs were born and bred, the purpose of life of which was to hunt the beast. In particular, it was here that one of the oldest representatives of magnificent hunters appeared - the East Siberian Laika.

East Siberian Laika

It is worth noting that it is this breed of dogs ontoday's day is considered the least explored and not so widespread. First of all, this representative of fine working dogs was bred among Siberian aborigines. Nevertheless, it is thanks to this that the East Siberian Laika is characterized by excellent working qualities and is able to give odds to any representative of another hunting breed. In addition, these dogs are often used as sledges, when you need to deliver a certain amount of provisions or clothes from one point to another.

East Siberian Laika photo
East Siberian Laika can participate inhunting for both the bird and the beast, and the most diverse species, the total number of which reaches 30. Nevertheless, there is no universality among these dogs. In other words, the East Siberian Laika is subdivided into fur and fur. This is primarily due to the fact that the style of hunting for different animals varies dramatically. As for the awakening of hunting properties for this breed, this issue should be started from the puppy's age. Little hawks begin to train from the age of three months, releasing them to hunt for the beast immediately in the pack. It is worth noting that the instincts of the animal have remained at an excellent level, so very young puppies are very quickly involved in the work, and already at the age of six, not inferior to older individuals. The cost of working dogs, as a rule, varies depending on their specialization in the beast. The larger the animal, in the hunt for which the dog is trained, the higher its market price will be. The same goes for puppies. Toddlers obtained as a result of mating two individuals successfully coping with large animals, bears or elk will cost much more than their peers trained to hunt, for example, on squirrels.

East Siberian Laika Cattery
In addition, I want to note that the titleThe most beautiful dog among a lot of hunting like no other is suitable for such breed as the East Siberian Laika. The photos of this noblest animal are, first and foremost, clearly underlining this. It is not surprising that many of those who would like to have a faithful friend and a beautiful hunter prefer this breed. East Siberian husky, breeding nurseries that are most often found in Siberia, can also become a full member of the family, because this dog is completely uninvolved, friendly to children and other animals and is always happy to communicate with a person.

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