List of necessary things for newborns in the hospital and at home

Charges in the maternity home is one of the most important cases for a pregnant woman. You need to prepare yourself things and, of course, the child. Many mothers are interested in such questions: what things are necessary for the newborn, and what to take to the hospital. Some of them do not know this, because they are pregnant for the first time, and others because they have given birth for a long time and since then the rules have changed. Our parents limited themselves to diapers and cloth diapers. But the time is changing, now children from the first seconds of their existence are active in the panties and sliders.

To find out what list of necessary things for newborns is required in your hospital, you need to contact the maternity home, they will give you a list.

The list of necessary things for newborns consists not only of the clothes and items of care that you take in the hospital, but also of what you will use at home.

So. The first is headed by a list of necessary things for newborns, of course, a crib. To her you need a mattress, a cover on a mattress, an oilcloth, a blanket. Also, do not forget about the stroller, with a newborn baby you need to walk even in the winter. After all, children need vitamin D, the lack of which leads to rickets.

To care for the child, it is advisable to buy a changing table and his personal bath.

Of the clothes you will need the sliders,overalls, body, socks and hats. And if you plan not to wear baby pampers, then the more things, the better. But each mother is more comfortable with certain clothes, which depends on the time of the year when the child was born.

The list of necessary things for newborns is supplemented by:

- packing of diapers from 3 to 6 kg;

- bottles (for water, plus if the child is on artificial feeding then for the mixture);

- Comb and scissors for children;

- baby bottle cleaner, it contains fewer chemicals and baby powder;

- wadded disks;

- cotton buds;

- oil and ointment for hygienic procedures (folds, diaper rash);

- potassium permanganate, herbaceous grass and chamomile for trays;

- 3 thermometers: for water, for air and for measuring the temperature of the child;

- children's soap (preferably liquid);

Also, stock up some medications, just in case, you must have peroxide and zelenka, cotton wool, bandage, enemas.

If colic begins, you can buy Espomizan, tea with fennel. Candles with paracetamol help with temperature.

Remember! That you should not use any medication without consulting a pediatrician.

It is also better to be safe with a pack of the mixture, in case of shortage of milk.

At will, you can buy a developing mat for a baby, toys, rattles. Many mothers purchase such a device as a radio-nurse, it will be useful if the child sleeps in a separate room.

As to which of the things are necessary for the newborn in the hospital, the list looks like this:

- diapers, preferably hypoallergenic;

- 5 pieces of thick and thin flannel diapers;

- 3 thick and 3 thin nesting;

- 6 pcs. sliders;

- 2 hats and 2 pairs of socks;

- a blanket.

From items of care for newborns will come in handy wet wipes, powder, baby cream, liquid baby soap, cotton buds.

As a rule, they usually buy specialKits for the newborn, in which there are clothes for him and an envelope, where the child is wrapped up. Usually it is a suit (a hat, blouse and panties), a blanket in the form of an envelope and a ribbon of pink or blue. Just need to consider that the necessary things for the newborn in the winter, significantly different from summer. Therefore, you need to take a warm suit or coveralls, and a warm blanket. There are special winter overalls, in which it is convenient to carry a child. In some maternity homes require a car seat in the car at check-out. You will need it if you travel a lot.

Easy for you childbirth and a healthy and strong baby!

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