The most evil dogs in the world: a list of breeds with photos

I must say that the most evil dogs in the world are not the most dangerous. A couple of years ago in the network flashed a "duck" that a few tiny dogs like the Yorkshires had eaten their mistress while she slept. Jokes are jokes, and the aggressor can become a representative of almost any breed - there have even been recorded cases of attacks of St. Bernards, and with a fatal outcome. Below are the most aggressive breeds of dogs (with pictures).

the most evil dogs in the world
American scientists conducted research induring which the behavior of about 6000 dogs of different breeds was studied. They found out that the most evil dogs in the world are taxes. Indeed, this breed is active, hunting instincts are excellent, and they often do not use. Especially aggressively they behave towards other dogs.
The most dangerous dogs in the world

But in another study, the rating toppedpit bulls and rottweilers. In this case, not the characters of dogs and their behavior in different situations were studied, but the official data on the attacks they committed on people. The main aggressors were determined by the percentage ratio of the total population of animals of this breed and the number of their attacks. In the "black list" were also chautchau, wolfhounds, German shepherd, bullmastiffs. I must say that in this rating only representatives of large breeds were exposed, since after a bite of small doggies people do not go to medical institutions, and, accordingly, there is no such statistics.

breeds of dogs with pictures
Causes of animal aggression

Any cynologist will say that the most dangerous dogs inthe world is ill-bred. Not all people, buying a dog, take care of the training. Meanwhile, the experience of communication with people, acquired by dogs during training, socializes the animal. Suffice it to recall the courtyard watch dogs - it does not matter whether they are dogs or sheep dogs - dogs that sit their whole lives on chains and contact the owners only during feeding, do not trust anyone. They will rush not only to strangers, but also to family members.

Dogs also developed a territorial instinct. Two dogs can be on a walk by best friends, but as soon as one of the dogs crosses the threshold of another's house, a fight begins.

Another reason for the dog's bad behavior -heredity. It would seem that the breed is not predisposed to aggression, and the dog for no reason can rush to the man. Occasionally, among the decorative or service dogs there are animals with uncontrolled aggression. Bright examples are small spaniels and Newfoundlands. Unfortunately, it is impossible to fight against this.


In some ratings, Huskies, Malamutes and othersrepresentatives of northern breeds were also noted as perhaps the most evil dogs in the world, but they are dangerous not so much from the point of view of attacking a person, but because of their hyperactivity. These dogs need to constantly spend their energy on running or training, otherwise they will just smash the apartment or house.


The most evil dogs in the world from the number of "pocket" breeds

The causes of aggression of these crumbs are the same as those of largedogs, - the protection of the owners and poor upbringing. No matter how cynical it may sound, many owners of small dogs acquire not a pet for themselves, but an expensive toy, a fashion accessory, so they do not particularly care about their training. Unskilled dog just does not know that she should not behave this way, but understands perfectly well that the best defense is an attack. Instinct tells her that in order not to be touched, she must show how evil she is. The most aggressive kids, according to the Americans, are chihuahua and papillions. These dogs do not tolerate familiarity and can not be a living toy for children.


When breeding breeds, especially those that are called forhelp people, the culling of aggressive animals was carried out. But the long experience of breeders shows that it is possible to make an evil dog from almost any dog.

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