Wild and domestic cats that look like a lynx

Among cats that are very much like a lynx, you canidentify both wild and domestic animals. Close similarity to this beautiful predator has quite a few representatives of the cat family. From this article you can find out what are cats that look like a lynx.

cats similar to lynx

Pixie Bob

The breed of cats pixie-bob was artificially deduced. Breeders set a goal to bring a cat that looked like a lynx. For this domestic cats were reduced to wild forest cats. But all crossings were futile, and only in the early 80's. XX century. Brever finally brought off the offspring, in which was one cat, which was very similar to a trot. She became the ancestor of many such animals under the breeding program.

These cats, similar to the lynx, have one interestingfeature: they are characterized by polygamy (polydactylity). Although multi-fingered paws are not found in all the representatives of this breed. Pixie Bob is a pretty strong and massive cat with a pear-shaped head, deep-set eyes and back ears pushed back. Their body is broad-chested, with powerful limbs and a short, short, movable tail. The main attribute of this breed is whiskers like the North American lynx.

Cats that look like a lynx have a bright spottedcolor with intense ticking of warm shade. These cats are unpretentious in their content. They are very devoted to the owners, and the others look quite indifferent. These animals are able to attach themselves to the owner, they are very sad for him in separation.

Maine Coon

Another breed of cats that are similar totrot - this is Maine Coon. In addition, it is the largest domestic cat, its weight can reach 15 kg. The body of Maine Coon is quite strong and muscular, with a broad chest. These cats also have large ears with tassels at their ends, due to this feature of maine coons often compare with a trot. The paws of the animal are long and powerful, between the fingers there are hair follicles.

These domestic cats, similar to the lynx, have a very peaceful and affectionate disposition. They are ready to constantly run after the owner and gently purr.

breed of cats similar to lynx

Norwegian Forest Cat

In private houses and in urban apartments for a long timesettled down a forest Norwegian cat. Very often this breed is confused with the same Maine Coon or Siberian. Nevertheless, this breed has its own distinctive features. This animal has a straight (Roman) profile, the head is triangular in shape, and the ears continue the line of cheekbones, forming an even triangle.

This breed of cats, similar to the lynx, has a calm and unpretentious character. They like to play, and sometimes they can show their hunting qualities.


Among wild cats, the lynx is very similar to the caracal(steppe lynx). This animal has an excellent reaction rate. The Karakal is able to grab a flying bird in its claws. Despite its rampant temper, this predator can be tamed. In India and Persia, these cats were often used to hunt pheasants, peacocks, hares and small antelopes. In addition to the caracal, there are also other representatives of wildlife that look like a lynx.

domestic cats similar to lynx

Due to their majestic beauty and grace, cats that look like a lynx have won a huge number of fans around the world.

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