A mattress in a stroller - the rules of choice

Each parent at some point in his lifethere is a question about which one to buy a mattress in a stroller to your child. How to make the right choice so as not to harm the baby? To choose a mattress in a baby carriage is an extremely important and responsible task. First, make sure that the mattress perfectly fits the size of the stroller. Secondly, pay attention to the conditions of storage of such goods in the store. Otherwise, you risk acquiring a thing with parasites. Thirdly, pay attention to the stiffness of the mattress and the type of its filler. Rigidity must be chosen according to the age of the child. The younger the child, the mattress in the stroller should be stiffer.

mattress in a stroller

As a filler, modern manufacturersoften used buckwheat or coconut fiber. Such materials have a suitable stiffness and do not cause allergic reactions. This option is considered the best in the ratio of price to quality.

mattress in a pram

Mattress in a baby stroller filled withThe coconut fiber possesses the necessary stiffness, environmentally friendly, safe for the normal development of the spine of a newborn child. Coconut fiber is often used as a filler for orthopedic mattresses.

Latex filler. This option is much more expensive, but the quality is many times better. The mattress with latex filler is hypoallergenic, wear-resistant and has good elasticity. Latex is divided into natural (from Hevea juice) and artificial. To distinguish one from another is very simple - natural latex is much more expensive than artificial.

Cotton (cotton) filler. Mattresses with such a filler are available to many. Their cost is relatively low, but their wear resistance is low. Cotton fillings absorb liquid without difficulty, after washing for a long time they dry and get lost in lumps.

Filling of wool and flax. Wonderful multifunctional mattress. Its only drawback is that it absorbs moisture. This mattress is used on both sides. The side with woolen filler is suitable for winter. Wool remarkably retains dry heat and warms the baby. A linen side is used in the summer. Flax is an antiseptic and prevents reproduction of ticks and other parasites.

mattress in a stroller

Foam filler is the cheapest, butunsuccessful option. It has practically no stiffness, absorbs moisture, not wear-resistant. The mattress with foam filler can easily get a parasite. In addition, the child may have an allergy. Orthopedic mattress in the stroller, depending on the manufacturer, can have different fillers. It ensures the correct position of the vertebrae and normalizes muscle tone. Remember that a good orthopedic mattress in a stroller can not be cheap.

The cover is an important parameter when choosing a mattress.Best removable, this will simplify the care of the mattress. In addition, it must be made of natural materials without using bright colors. At purchase it is necessary to smell an acquired mattress in a carriage: if you will feel any sharp or unpleasant smell, it is better to refrain from purchase of such thing. The health of the child is priceless.

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