Mixture "Nutrilon sour-milk 1": reviews. Sour-milk "Nutrilon" from birth to year

The mixture "Nutrilon sour-milk 1" has collected a lotgood reviews because it includes a large number of various beneficial bacteria and other effective elements. Of course, a product with such a list of constituent components is useful for infants in that it normalizes the process of digestion and restores the regular chair of the child. It turns out that the baby feels well, and the parents are calm and happy to talk about the excellent result of using Nutrilon.

What is included in the sour milk mixture "Nutrilon"

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The composition of the mixture includes living bacteria, whichhelp to restore the natural balance of work and microflora of the baby's intestines. These same bacteria multiply the number of microorganisms that favorably affect the state of the intestinal cavity and its productive capacity. Also, living bacteria serve as a barrier that blocks the entry of pathogenic bacteria into the intestinal microflora and prevents their reproduction.

The sour milk mixture will help the child to improve the independent release of gazik, to facilitate this process.

In the sour-milk mixture there is iron, which is betteris absorbed, rather than using simple mixtures for artificial feeding. Due to this, the sour-milk product is recommended for children suffering from anemia.

The composition of the mixture, in addition to carbohydrates, proteins, fats and mineral-vitamin complex, usually includes minor components:

  1. Lysozyme.
  2. Lactulose.
  3. Bifidobacteria.
  4. Taurine.

These components balance the workthe digestive tract. Children's fermented milk mixtures, which include a dry mix of "Nutrilon fermented milk Premium 1", reviews of which are positive, can be given both constantly and once, if you need to correct and improve the digestion process of the baby. Parents say that you need to gently pick up the powder measuring spoon so that there is no roller coaster. On packages of mixtures, usually the figure 1 or the age of the baby is marked - from 0 to 6 months.

What problems with the health of the child is solved by the sour-milk mixture "Nutrilon"

There is such a thing as gas formation inthe baby. It's the same as colic. They also begin to pester the baby because the gases do not leave the large intestine of the newborn in time, therefore, the tummy of the baby hurts.

dry mix nutrilon fermented milk premium 1 reviews

Sour-milk compounds, for example, a mixture of "Nutrilonsour milk 1 ", reviews of which can be reduced to one opinion - it fully corresponds to the declared properties of the manufacturer, it is recommended to give the baby because it often regurgitates.With regular application, the child's product will not be regurgitated. which attracts the attention of the parent audience by giving effective advice, for example, on the dosage of the product, will help parents cope with regurgitation .This process is also associated with the immaturity of the digestive system babies tract.

To alleviate the suffering of the baby and help his ventricle start to work properly, the specialists developed a children's mixture - fermented milk "Nutrilon" from birth to a year.

How to properly give a mixture of "Nutrilon"

It must be remembered that it is by no means possible to abuse this product, because the situation can only worsen.

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If you first decided to resort to such foodfor a baby, like a sour-milk mixture, but did not have time to consult a doctor, read the following pair of tips on how to incorporate it correctly into the baby's diet and not to harm his body.

Gradually replace the usual mixture of sour-milk,for example, use "Nutrilon sour-milk 1", reviews are positive which has won due to the fact that prevents the rash on the baby's skin. Start with ten or twenty grams each time the baby is fed. Then add the usual mixture.

Daily increase the volume of injected dairymixture. Replace the food with a new product within two to three days. If the problem that you are trying to eliminate will not disturb the baby, it is not recommended to increase the dose of the sour-milk product in the future.

What is dangerous is the wrong dosage of the mixture

Many parents who do not pay attention tothe recommended amount of the daily allowance of a product such as "Nutrilon sour-milk 1", reviews leave negative, sinning on its quality. In these comments write about a rash on the baby's skin, pimples, constant crying of the baby.

No wonder similar reviews about dairya mixture of "Nutricia Nutrilon fermented milk" does not show. If parents first asked their pediatrician about sour-milk mixtures, they would not aggravate the state of health of their baby.

Breastfeeding and mixture

There is one more reason why parents introduce the "Nutrilon sour-milk Premium 1" diet. The mother can simply lose breast milk, then you have to switch to artificial feeding.

On consultation the pediatrist usually advises "Nutrilonsour milk 1 ", which is said to indicate that the formula is similar to breast milk, as noted by the parents who followed the recommendations of the pediatrician and were satisfied with the result.

sour milk nutrilon from birth to year

Among other things, the mixture helps fight rashes in infants (with the correct dosage).

Rashes in babies appear due tounbalanced content of digestive enzymes in the body. That is, it is the consequences of an allergic reaction to any products or the effects of external aggressive factors on the skin. Under the aggressors are meant detergent powders that, through clothing, transfer chemicals to the body of the baby from which they are produced, as well as other caregivers such as a nursing cream, oils, etc.

Restoration of a child's stool

Children's milk formula "Nutrilon sour-milk",reviews of which say that bifidobacteria included in its composition are effective, prevents liquid stools (which parents confirm using it). The fact is that in its composition there are precisely those living lactic bacteria that become a barrier to the spread and harmful effects of disease-protective microorganisms and thereby increase the level of beneficial microorganisms.

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Also sour-milk bacteria-microorganisms help the child independently and without the help of parents to let out газики, thereby eliminate a swelling of a children's tummy.

Sour-milk mixtures are recommended for usechildren who have a dysbacteriosis, intestinal colic, frequent diarrhea. Another "Nutrilon sour-milk 1", reviews of which say that the child absorbs it perfectly, is recommended to give to children who have suffered various intestinal infectious diseases. This is done for the rehabilitation and recovery of the body and the digestive system of the baby.

Sour-milk mixtures are often prescribed for children suffering from anemia. Due to the fact that the product contains iron (in sufficient quantity), it helps to cope with the symptoms of the disease.

Types of dairy mixtures

There are two main types: dry and diluted in advance (ready to eat).

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If you chose to choose a dry mix of "NutrilonPremium 1 fermented milk, "which is confirmed by the fact that it is a quality product and helps to cope with, for example, bloating of the baby's tummy, it should be diluted with special water intended for the preparation of infant formulas.

Before direct consumption of the mixturesour-milk babe should take care and consult a district pediatrician so that after examining the child and having done the necessary procedures and tests, he gave his verdict that the baby does not have an allergic reaction to the ingredients that make up the product.

What is special is that the product is adapted

A wide variety of adapted mixtures,including "Nutrilon sour-milk", from constipation are considered the best, since they are sufficiently approximate in composition of components to breast milk of a woman. Manufacturers of these products artificially produced a protein of excellent quality and enriched baby food with all the necessary substances based on minerals beneficial to the child's body.

baby milk formula nutrilon fermented milk

It is not surprising that manufacturers,perfecting nutrition for kids, have achieved that even dry mixtures can preserve milk bacteria for a very long time, their activity and properties in their original state.

Products that are adapted significantlydiffer in their composition from sour-milk, ready-to-eat, because they are a qualitative emittance of breast milk, so they are regularly recommended for feeding babies without supplementing their usual food.

What determines the choice of mixture

"Nutrilon sour-milk" from constipation helpsget rid of, as evidenced by the responses of the parents. This product is in great demand among buyers. But what kind of mixture will suit your child depends only on his individual medical indications and on the personal preferences of the little man. Some mixtures the child refuses to use completely.

All lactic acid mixtures, especially children'sMilk mixture "Nutricia Nutrilon fermented milk", reviews about which are positive, since this product is excellent for infants with impaired metabolism, enriched with calcium, which creates an excellent tandem in combination with vitamin D. This pair helps the baby grow and develop harmoniously .

Mixtures are also preferably used to feed children born with a lack of weight or in early periods (from six months).

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