Overalls-transformer for children - reliable protection for your baby

Lucky modern parents - they do not needWorry about how to dress a newborn so that he does not freeze in the winter cold. Manufacturers of outerwear for children took care of them. Today, the overall popularity in the world is used by the overalls-transformer for children. At present, it is the most perfect and reliable winter clothes for the baby.

How is the transformer arranged?

overalls transformer for children
To use such a jumpsuit is very simple: only one movement of a caring parental hand, and the product turns into a cozy and warm envelope. Pants of a small overalls are unbuttoned by means of lightning, then the lower part is folded and fastened to the same zipper. The envelope thus obtained is conveniently located in the stroller. The "magic transformation" is spent only a few seconds.

How to choose a jumpsuit-transformer for children?

First, pay attention to the fabric from whichmanufactured product. It must necessarily be of high quality, so that after washing, which is a lot, it does not slip and shed. At present, synthetic tissues are developed that can "breathe". They are highly wear-resistant, which is very important for children's clothing.

Choosing a heater

Currently, there are two types of insulation- artificial and natural. There is an opinion that it is better to buy a children's jumpsuit-transformer (the photo you see in our article) for fluff or wool. However, one should not forget that natural fluff can cause the strongest allergy in a baby, and wool or fur lose their shape when washing.

overalls children's transformer autumn winter

Synthetic insulation

The warmest and softest transformer jumpsuitchildren's - with filler tinsulate. These are the thinnest and lightest models, but they are designed for temperatures up to 30 degrees below zero. The only disadvantage of this pattern is the high price. Much cheaper baby overalls (transformer "autumn-winter") sinteponovy. It is more voluminous, requires a delicate washing. In addition, after three to four washings, it begins to rapidly lose its heat-preserving properties. This model is designed for frost no more than fifteen degrees.

The golden middle among synthetic heaters is holofayber. He can withstand the temperature outside the window, which is more than twenty degrees below zero, but is not more expensive than the sintepon.

Filler from down

It can not be denied that the overall-transformerchild's down is the easiest and durable. Choose a model with goose or eiderdown. These are the warmest fillers. But keep in mind that if the winter gets warmer, then the baby in this suit will be too hot.

jumpsuit transformer photo

Sheepskin overalls

Many parents prefer transformers on sheepskin. They are designed for temperatures up to minus twenty-five degrees.

Popular Models

Many foreign and domestic producersfor a long time they have been making jumpsuits-transformers. Many of them are already appreciated by Russian buyers. Shops offer a wide range of such models. Especially popular models are the brands "Montclair", "Kiko" "Reima", "Kerry", "Lassie". Transformers of these companies are distinguished by their excellent design and excellent quality.

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