How the fish in the aquarium multiply - the fascinating underwater world in our house

The aquarium is often the main decorationany house. Fish, as its main inhabitants, are able to turn any indoor pond into a colorful underwater world, bringing joy and comfort to its owners.

Many aquarists are breeding aquarium fishconsider one of the most exciting pursuits. It seems that it can be simpler: they bought an aquarium, launched several different individuals into it - and you can safely expect new "guests". But in this issue there are many nuances.

Variety of aquarium fish and their breeding

species of aquarium fish
First you need to decide how many fishrun into the aquarium and what they will be the size. After the most interesting begins: for the underwater residents to be comfortable and not close in the aquarium, you need to correctly determine its volume, take into account how different individuals can get along with each other so that they do not eat each other.

An important role is played by the choice of decorativeelements that make shelter comfortable, and the aquarium is beautiful and attractive. In the process of breeding various species in artificially created conditions, one can follow their interesting life. For example, how the fish multiply or how they feed, how they behave in different situations.

Varieties of aquarium fish are very diverse. Residents of freshwater aquariums, first of all, are divided into cold water and warm water.

It is difficult to keep cold-water species in aquariums,because they constantly suffer from lack of oxygen. In warm water, it dissolves much less than in cold water, and in our rooms it usually has a sufficiently high temperature.

In most aquariums contain mainlywarm-water exotic individuals living in nature in fresh, sometimes brackish water bodies of tropics and subtropics. These representatives are small in size, brightly colored and able to live at a constant temperature of at least 20 degrees.

Not all species of fish can exist in the samewater layers. For example, at the bottom live catfish, and in the middle waters - viviparous gupiki. There are also those that inhabit only the upper layers. Such a resettlement in tiers depends on their demand for oxygen, which is greater at the surface of the reservoir.

In recent years, marine aquariums have become popular, where representatives of coral reefs and some other inhabitants of warm seas live.

Reproduction of fishes

For fans of aquariums there will be no difficulty in asking how
do fish multiply?

Basically, everyone has the same way - laying eggs. Some species rush

how do fish multiply
eggs in the depth of the water:Caviar is dropped on plants or soil. Others prefer to spawn in different layers of water or in thickets of plants. Their eggs often attach to stems and leaves. Still others, for example, cichlids, lay eggs on stones.

There are fish that arrange a nest for spawningin the sand, under the rocks, under the plants or in their roots. Interesting representatives of some genera, which, popping out of the water, put eggs on plants outside. Varieties of labyrinthine build nests from air bubbles on the water surface, and some species use small pieces of plants for this.

Most tropical inhabitants of aquariumsare prone to reproduction throughout the year, as their living conditions in nature contribute to this. And many northern individuals and individual groups of goldfish spawn only in the autumn, summer and spring.

In fact, there are special differences in howFish multiply in a natural and artificially created environment, no. It is only necessary to note that the creation in the aquarium of a favorable environment for spawning can become an incentive for reproduction. They can serve as a decorative pot, a large stone or some plant.

aquarium fish breeding
Many species before spawning perform a marriage ritual, in the form of games. Watch at this time for the representatives of the water element is a great pleasure.

Fans of aquariums do not always havesufficient knowledge and skills in this area. In fact, all the secrets of breeding are generally available and many of them are contained in special literature, which details how fish multiply, their numerous species, ways of leaving, feed, and much more.

Create a decorative aquarium, which can become a highlight in the decoration of the apartment or office, to give the room the beauty and originality - to everyone's strength. The main thing is to have this great desire!

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