The largest dogs in the world - what kind of rocks are they talking about?

Have you ever wondered whichthe largest dogs in the world exist? If yes, then for certain you can name a few breeds of four-legged friends on this list, and if not, then be prepared to learn about such.

The largest dog in the world, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records

The largest dogs in the world

This title is proudly worn by the Great DaneZeus, who lives in Michigan. It's amazing, but its height at the withers is 111.8 centimeters. At the same time Zeus weighs just over 70 kilograms. If you put it at full height next to the person, then its height will be 2 meters. The hosts of Zeus daily give their pet 14 kilograms of feed. In 2012, he was officially listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest dog in the world. A bit earlier, in 2010, this title also belonged to the Great Dane named George.

The largest dogs in the world

The largest dog in the world

And now we will tell you about what breedsfour-legged friends are considered the greatest. Note that their representatives did not necessarily win the same name in the book of records, but the size of such dogs clearly does not meet generally accepted standards.

  1. Caucasian Shepherd Dog. Representatives of this breed are excellent watchmen and
    fighters who can have a height of 70centimeters and about the same weight. The main features of the nature of the Caucasian are independence and cruelty. They are very wary of strangers, and at any moment will be ready to attack, as soon as they feel anything wrong. Caucasian sheep-dogs are most often used to protect homes or private objects.
  2. Akita. The breed of dogs in Japan isquite rare, because the scientists, for the purpose of improvement, subjected it to breeding. And if it were not for the timely intervention of the authorities, then, most likely, we would talk about these wonderful creatures as history. Akita in height can reach 70 centimeters and weigh at the same time about 45 kilograms. She perfectly suits as a pet, because she is very faithful and peaceful, she also loves children.
  3. the world's largest dogs photo
    Continue the list of "The largest dogs in the world" St. Bernard. If you want to have a big and faithfulfriend, then you definitely will fit this breed of dogs. St. Bernards are very phlegmatic and strongly attached to people. In addition, they have an excellent instinct, thanks to which it is possible to find the missing people. The growth of the dog can reach 90 centimeters, and the weight - about 90 kilograms.
  4. Leonberger. Muscular and active dogs that are goodgive in to training and are able to combine the impossible: calmness and activity. Leonberger are good watchmen, defenders and affectionate family members. If you decide to get yourself such a pet, then try to calculate the place for it as best as possible, because the height of a dog of this breed can reach 80 centimeters and have the same weight.
  5. Finish the list of "The largest dogs in the world" Irish wolfhounds. This breed was bred for hunting purposes,and at the current moment is the most dimensional among themselves. Endurance, perseverance, strength is all Irish wolfhounds, which in height can be up to 79 centimeters, and the weight can be over 56 kilograms.

So, now you know what are the mostLarge dogs of the world (photos are presented here). And if you suddenly decide to buy one of the above pets, then think carefully before doing this.

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