Tips for young mothers: how to put a newborn baby to sleep?

how to put a newborn baby to sleep

How to put a newborn baby to sleep, if heIt can bring you to a nervous breakdown almost every time you try to send him to bed. You constantly feel as if you could easily be the executor of the main role of zombies in any horror film, since your baby does not sleep at night and always fusses. Be patient, pull yourself together, this feeling is felt all over the world by young parents. But, fortunately, there are a few fairly simple and very easy things that can help you solve this problem. There are also unusual, very creative ideas.

A few simple ways how to put the newborn to bed.

  • Massage. This is one of the most common methods that is suitable for all children. He is the best way to calm the tiny babies so that they can sleep perfectly all night. The most common, gentle and gentle stroking will quickly calm your child and help him to sleep sweetly. Just do not try to make your children a real massage, this is the lot of professionals. Only gentle touches and patting the skin in a calm environment can help.
    how to properly put a newborn to sleep
  • Pleasant sounds. This is the oldest way to put a newborn baby to bed. He helps in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred. Easy music, on which the child will not be accented, can ensure you a quick fit. Special toys on tapes, rattles that reproduce pleasant sounds - in many cases the ideal and the only possible solution.
  • Washer. Many parents have no choice but to put a newborn baby to sleep on top of this unit. He can be put on it in the car seat. Gentle vibration and monotonous noise, very good can help children fall asleep.
  • Warm baby diapers. Kids do not like the cold. Do not put your child on an unheated surface, do not take ice-cold hands, keep the room temperature above twenty-two degrees. Place a diaper on the stomach, ironed with a hot iron.
  • Music. How to put a newborn baby to sleep, if not with the help of lullabies? Sometimes the baby prefers something more loud. Especially often it can be met if Mom and Dad liked to listen to this when the baby was still in the tummy. The main thing is to make sure that the sounds can not damage the child's eardrums.
  • Swaddling. This is the oldest, the "grandmother's way" proven for years, which can do wonders. How to put a newborn baby to sleep if, without keeping the temperature for him and not fixing his hands and feet, with which he constantly wakes himself up, and sometimes he can get hurt? It also calms the baby when he is naughty and screams.
    how to put a newborn baby to sleep

Helping your child during sleep, not at allbe sure to follow these methods, apply creativity, as each baby needs an individual approach. Some tricks may suit your child, but it is absolutely unacceptable for another, so you need to find your approach to motion sickness.

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