Car air freshener: varieties, properties and purpose

At all times people treated with specialtrembling to different smells. Air freshener for the car is designed so that the driver and his passengers do not breathe all sorts of exhaust gases, gasoline and rubber.

Properties and Diversity of Flavors

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In the automotive markets, there is a largenumber of various fresheners. They differ among themselves not only in form, but also in composition, cost and location of attachment. Every car owner should choose for himself the most pleasant and useful smell, because certain flavors can be harmful to health.

Air freshener for the car can be distinguishednot only by smell, but also by the type of installation inside the cabin. Such devices can be attached to mirrors, air line, front panel, and under the seat. There are such fresheners, which can be poured into ashtrays.

Varieties of car air fresheners

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As mentioned above, flavors todayare presented in great variety and quantity. Air freshener for the car can be liquid, polymer, papillary, gel, natural and artificial. It is worth noting that a special component is added to the artificial fresheners, which will never be found in the environment.

Fresheners as a supplement can beequipped with switches. They will, if necessary, disconnect the device, while not allowing the smell to enter the interior. There is a certain and generally accepted classification of the real state of fresheners. They can be liquid, emulsion, and also powdery.

How to choose the right freshener in a car?

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To choose the best air freshener forit is necessary to test it inside the vehicle interior. Sometimes there are cases when the smell of a freshener in a packaged form is quite pleasant. But after a person buys it and prints it turns into an unpleasant odor from which the head turns or even nausea appears.

Everyone should understand thisindependently and determine what type of freshener is suitable for a particular car. For example, girls and women give their preference to persistent flavors. Most often such needs are ready to satisfy the gel air freshener for the car. But it is worth noting that such devices will have a high cost. Flavors in the form of small granules for a long time retain their own flavor, unlike liquid devices. Microgranules can store a fairly persistent odor for twenty days or more.

What flavors are absolutely undesirable?

When to choose the air freshener forcar, it is necessary to remember that the smells of jasmine, chamomile, lavender, as well as field grass, to some extent, can slightly dull the person's reaction. Sometimes they can act as a relaxing remedy, which is completely inappropriate when driving.

Also, do not give your preferenceSmells that resemble food (smoked meat, coffee, bread and other food). They will greatly irritate the hungry driver. Enough negative effects on the nervous system have sharp aromas. In the summer, you must take seriously the choice of the smell for the car. In a strong heat, they can intensify several times.

The most suitable smells for a car

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Japanese car air freshenersallow drivers to choose for themselves the smell of a large assortment. It is worth noting that the best and most useful option is the aroma of mint, cinnamon or lemon. They can only exert a beneficial effect on the person, an invigorating and tonic effect. This way a person will feel an incredible surge of activity and energy.

Essential oil acts on drivers specialway. In the winter, you can warm yourself with sandalwood, and cheer yourself up with lemon-mint or pine. Recently there was a novelty in the field of useful aromas for drivers - it is the smell of the "new car interior". Such fresheners have a pleasant aroma that gives self-confidence, success, and also contributes to a more relaxed and easy communication. Drivers who breathe in such flavors will try to break the rules of the road less, enter into various conflicts and skirmishes.

Healing fragrances for cars

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For quite a long time, a largepopularity and demand uses a healing air freshener for the car. Comments on the effects of such a flavor are good enough, because it has only a beneficial effect on the human body. They can be made independently for your car. It is enough to use several jars of essential oil, as well as aromokuritelnitsy. In order for a person to feel cheerful and fresh during the day, you need to take a mixture of lemon, pine, mint, rosemary.

To help increase the level of energy will helpsmell of tangerines, coriander, bergamot and cloves. With these fragrant pads, you can have a beneficial effect not only on the driver, but also on the passengers. Such air fresheners are completely harmless for young children.

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