We learn interesting: what are the breeds of dogs

Who among us, walking along the street, was not touched atkind of a little funny puppy in someone's arms? Or noticing how a small doggie is dressed in a specially tailored for him dog clothes? Who did not have fear (or at least a little apprehension), at the sight of a huge and evil sentry dog ​​in the yard of someone's private house?

Some of us also own the bestfriend of the person. And different people prefer to start different breeds of dogs, giving preferences to this or that breed, being guided by a choice by their criteria.

what are the breeds of dogs
For today in the world it is deduced more than thousandvarieties of breeds of dogs. And only about five hundred of them are officially registered. And until the middle of the XIX century. almost 80% of the currently existing rocks did not exist at all.

And only in the second half of the XIX century. purebred breeding of dogs was observed. This is evidenced by the records that began to be kept, and the fact that various dog organizations began to appear in which these records were kept.

In addition, at this time the first breed standards (descriptions of features) for different breeds were determined and the first dog shows were started.

different breeds of dogs
Further, the science ofheredity, and pure-bred breeding has acquired its modern look. The leap in this process occurred quickly and seriously. The man began to change this animal, as if "doing" for himself. The variety of dog breeds is very large at the present time, and they differ according to various signs: size, color, character features, temperament and even purpose. In this article we will not touch any particular species of these animals, but we will consider what kind of dogs there are in general.

There are several signs that distinguish dogs. Dogs are:

  • hunting;
  • service;
  • decorative.

And such:

  • small;
  • average;
  • large;
  • dwarfish.

breeds of small dogs

There is also a more specific division. Here are some breeds of dogs:

  • dogs smile
    for children;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • fighting;
  • for hunting;
  • for protection;
  • for guard;
  • Leaders;
  • watchdogs;
  • driving;
  • northerly;
  • Tibetan;
  • hounds;
  • Pocket;
  • room;
  • home;
  • rare breeds;
  • expensive breeds;
  • clever breeds.

But it is important even not so much what are the rocksdogs, and how much that each of them requires a certain, suitable only for her care. And what is suitable for one breed is not at all suitable for another.

So if you decide to choose a dog for yourselfor, perhaps, as a gift to someone from your relatives or friends, carefully think about what kind of breed will be the most suitable option. And in order to make a choice more competently, take a few tips on yourself.

First, when choosing a dog, remember that no less thanit is also important for the dog what conditions for life you can give it. For example, if you live in a one-room apartment, then it is not recommended to have an Irish wolfhound or a Moscow watchdog in it. It is very large for a dog's apartment. Also, you should not put a dachshund or Pekingese in the booth to protect a private house. These breeds of dogs are small, and there will be no sense from such protection. Think about what kind of lifestyle you lead, where you live and where the dog will live, what you are going to do with it and for what purposes it will serve you. With a choice, be guided by this.

Second, assess your physical abilities andthe size of the dog. A fragile girl will experience many difficulties with a huge and heavy dog. Especially at that time, while the puppy does not know where to spend an excess of energy, and is torn in all directions. A strong man, such a dog will be able to, and a miniature dog will not do.

many dogs
Thirdly, this is the quality of the wool. There are long and short-haired dogs. It all depends on your desire and interests. If you like to tinker with wool, and you will enjoy combing your dog, then the first option is right for you. Well, if you do not have a lot of zeal to collect tatters of dog's "fluff" around the house, and you like short furrows, then for you - the second option.

Another important point is the temperamentdogs. Try to choose a pet so that its character suits yours. This will bring harmony and understanding into the relationship with the dog. Probably, and you have often noticed that often a dog and its owner are somewhat similar in character and even similar in appearance.

Summarizing the article, it should be noted that afterthe way you have learned and figured out what kind of dog breeds are, the choice will be much easier. With a good scenario, by doing the so-called "drop-off", you will have 3-5 choices that suit you. And it's much easier to choose from them than from a hundred.

The main thing is to approach the choice with the mind, and treat the animal with love.

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