How do celebrate the day of the aircraft builder in Russia?

Almost every day in Russia is celebratedsome kind of holiday. All of them are related to a certain circle of society. For example, in mid-August, people whose profession is related to the structure of the aircraft industry, celebrate the day of the aircraft builder.

Aircraft builder's day

History of occurrence

The first day of the aircraft builder was celebrated on August 151956 year. Back then, in the USSR, representatives of the law came to the conclusion that in modern life the construction of aircraft plays a very important role. And this technical industry can not be left without attention.

How to celebrate?

What do you want a man on the day of the aircraft builder? Of course, the holiday, fun and good mood! On this day there are organized thematic events dedicated to the celebration:

  • Employers wish to single out on this day those whoespecially distinguished over the past year. They are given certificates of honor and souvenirs. Also, to every person who belongs to the structure of aircraft, say words of gratitude for their work.
  • For those who do not belong to this industry, organize tours of the largest factories and museums.
  • In some cities, a heavenly show is organized with the participation of airliners, sports planes and gliders.

Day of aircraft builders in Ulyanovsk
A few years ago there was a new trend -holding annually on August 15 thematic festivals dedicated to the holiday. For example, small structures are constructed that can climb to the sky. Anyone can take a few minutes in flight.

Holiday in Ulyanovsk

Day of aircraft builders in Ulyanovsk is being heldespecially fun and scale. And it's no accident, because it is in this city is located one of the largest aircraft manufacturing plants in the country. Today this enterprise can be called one of the leading throughout the world. According to the director, for the next four years, the production of more than one hundred famous Il-76 aircraft is planned. The Ulyanovsk Aircraft Building Plant is also famous for the fact that it was here that the first modernized aircraft was created for the first time, on which the most complicated test was accomplished. That is why in Ulyanovsk the aircraft builder's day is celebrated on a large scale.

day aircraft builders program

Holiday program

Every year in the corner of the country that stands outhigh productivity of the aircraft manufacturing industry, a professional holiday is celebrated. In scale, the celebration is no different from the day of the city. Every inhabitant of Ulyanovsk postpones all business and comes to the city center, where a complex of events takes place on the day of aircraft builders. The program here is always exciting, exciting and interesting:

  1. The celebration begins in the morning.Exactly at 8 o'clock for the residents of Ulyanovsk and its guests open the doors of the aircraft plant. Here they are waiting for an exciting excursion. They will learn how to connect their future career with this production.
  2. Closer to 10 am on the central square there are sports competitions, for example, tug-of-war, mini-football or races, calculated for different age categories.
  3. At noon, spectators can enjoy an exciting show. The air will be organized by pilots on sports planes.
  4. Closer to the evening there are concerts and a ceremony of awarding.
  5. The holiday ends with a disco and fireworks.

Aircraft builder's day
For half a century a holiday has been celebrated,dedicated to the day of the aircraft builder. It is important not only for those whose work is directly related to aircraft building, but also for every person in the country and around the world. After all, aviation in modern life occupy an important position. Without it, it would be impossible to travel to distant countries, win at the fronts, export products and perform many other significant operations.

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