What to take with you on the train: useful tips

If there is a long trip, from fundsIn most cases, preference is given to the train in connection with its greater comfort. Despite the availability of a number of amenities, in your power to make your trip even more comfortable.

what to take to the train

What to take to the train: only the most necessary

List of the most necessary items for a trip tothe train does not differ from a similar set for any other modes of transport. So, first, try not to forget to bring along toilet paper, toothbrush and paste, and also soap. In addition, wet wipes will also be superfluous.

What to take with you on the train - without which you can do without, but it's better to take it with you

Most experienced travelersoften have to move around on trains, prefer to take their own dishes, towels and linens on their journey. As a rule, when you buy a ticket you pay for bed linen. But no one guarantees that it will be new and of good quality, so it will be much more pleasant to sleep on your own, clean and pleasant, sheets and pillowcase, hiding behind a blanket in your quilt. The same applies to towels. In addition, try not to forget to bring a cup with a spoon, as well as tea, coffee or another drink that you are accustomed to drinking. A good service to you will also be served with rubber slippers taken from the house.

take food on a train

What to take to the train: first-aid kit

Because you have a long trip, thenit is by no means superfluous to take with you a first aid kit with the most necessary. If you regularly take any medications, do not forget to take a sufficient supply of them on the road, as there is a high probability that at stations you will not have the opportunity to buy everything you need.

What to take to the train: food and drink

If you have a long way to go, do not forgettake care of your diet. Choosing which one to take food to the train, you should give preference to those products that can for a long time not deteriorate without a refrigerator. As a rule, passengers take with them the following: fresh vegetables and fruits (apples, pears, cucumbers, bananas), smoked sausage, instant noodles, cheese (preferably hard varieties), as well as cookies, crunches or chips. Of the beverages, be sure to bring tea or coffee, as well as water. It is best to stock up with ordinary drinking water. Juices are undesirable on a long trip, as they can deteriorate. Carbonated drinks are also better not to take - they, in comparison with non-carbonated, do not very well quench your thirst.

what to take the child to train
Of course, you will always have the opportunity to have a snack in the dining car, but keep in mind that the prices there are usually quite high.

What to take the child to train

If you travel with a child, you need tomake sure that he was as comfortable as possible during the trip. If your baby is still small for adult food, be sure to bring a sufficient supply of baby food for the entire time you spend on the road. Besides this, do not forget about such important things as disposable diapers, wet and dry napkins, etc.

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