Roller blinds on plastic windows - stylish and original

Roller blinds on plastic windows - thispractical, beautiful and original design method. These products are universal. They successfully combine the comfort of curtains with the practicality of blinds. In the manufacture of products of this type, completely different fabrics are used, both in texture and color. Therefore, the buyer will not have much difficulty in choosing the option that fits his interior.

roller blinds on plastic windows

Need to know: roller blinds on plastic windows are made of dust-repellent fabrics, so they require only minimal maintenance.

Using curtains of this type creates betweenwindow and an air layer, which on summer keeps cool in the room, and in winter - heat. Roller blinds on plastic windows produce two types - open and closed.

An open system is a fabric that is uniformlyis wound on an open shaft. It is fixed to the window with the help of special angles. In its lower part, the fabric has a weighting agent, due to which it lies flat on the opening of the window or its leaf. All elements of such a curtain can be made in one color. A special fishing line - a guide - is stretched behind its fabric. As a result, when a draft or inclined position of the leaf, the tissue does not depart from it. The closed system differs only in that the shaft on which the fabric is wound is closed by means of a special box.

Today, roller blinds on plastic windowsare an interesting and original innovation, with the use of which the windows look modern and original. In addition, in addition to the aesthetic effect, curtains of this type help to regulate the illumination of the room and do not allow direct sunlight in excess to get into the room. Thus, the interior objects do not burn out, and the room receives a quality light protection that other types of curtains can not provide.

roller blind instruction

"Zebra" - roller blinds of a new type forplastic windows. This is an interesting design solution. They are ideal for both office and home, the interior of which is made in a modern style. Curtains "Zebra" are made of modern fabric, combining a transparent and opaque stripes, located horizontally.

If necessary, reduce the amount of solarlight indoors opaque bands that are made wider than transparent, shift and close the lumen. This is how the roller blind works. The installation and maintenance instructions for this product are attached to each set. The material from which these curtains make does not require cleaning, since it does not accumulate dust. If necessary, the curtain can be cleaned with a dry soft brush. If suddenly a stain appears on it, it can easily be removed with a damp sponge. It is not necessary to remove the construction or disassemble it.

zebra roller blinds

Another advantage of these curtains- the possibility of fixing them not only on the window, but also on the ceiling. At any kind of fastening all its elements and the control mechanism are closed by overlays and an aluminum casing that improves a kind of a design.

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