Why does a child cry in a dream? "We're looking for reasons!"

There is nothing more beautiful for caring parents,than the sight of a peacefully sleeping baby. His measured snoring with a tiny nose gives rise to the most pure and sublime emotions and feelings in the adult's soul. What to do, if suddenly the baby began to cry and even scream in a dream? Of course, conscious parents should immediately find the cause of such a phenomenon and eliminate it. Why does a child cry in a dream? In this article, let's try to find the answer to this exciting question.

Why does a child cry in a dream?

There are many different reasons for children's anxiety in bed. The baby cries in a dream most often because:

  • something seriously frightened him;
  • the child has something hurts;
  • he had a frightening or sad dream.

In cases when the cause of tears at nightis a fright or psychological trauma, a qualified specialist can help a child. Parents should create a cozy, calm and friendly atmosphere in the house. On the recommendation of the doctor, you can give the baby sedative teas, medications, and organize the adoption of relaxing baths. The specialist must necessarily observe the course of treatment, as the child's psyche is very fragile. As a result, even the smallest, at first glance, injuries in a baby can develop complexes, phobias and other pathologies.

When asked why the child cries in a dream,there may be another answer. For example, if a baby has teeth for the first time, pain lasts for several days. Usually, the child's suffering can be removed with medical drugs. However, if there are no visible reasons for such behavior, it is necessary to show the doctor a crumb. Particular attention should be paid to abdominal pain, as well as migraines. Painful sensations are a signal of a violation of the normal process of functioning of individual internal organs, therefore, in any case, consultation and examination with a professional medician are mandatory. Newborns often suffer from colic, bloating and other troubles associated with the infant's infantile age. Establish an accurate diagnosis and provide the baby with timely help can the child's doctor. The pediatrician will determine the list of medicines that will help relieve pain and restore a restful sleep.

A developed imagination can also cause!

Strangely enough, but the child cries at night also inthe resulting imagination. Thinking at a young age is imaginative, so children have very bright and realistic dreams. Sometimes the child's subconscious fears take frightening forms. The kid sees terrible monsters or extremely sad pictures. That's why the baby cries in a dream! You can solve the problem by waking up a crumb and holding it to yourself, you need to explain to him that everything seen is just a vision. In addition, psychologists recommend that a small member of the family be excluded from daytime activities:

  • viewing frightening cartoons, and even more horror films and tragedies;
  • books, coloring books and other visual aids and publications with images of monsters and monsters;
  • carefully approach the choice of children's toys and focus on developing specimens.

In addition, the crumb can get scared, staying inbedroom alone. This happens with children who have previously slept with their parents. A child's unintelligent and persistent teaching of an individual bed can also be the cause of tears at night.

Thus, if a child cries at night due to nightmares, it is necessary to pay attention to his entertainment during the day.

Other reasons

Sometimes parents notice that in a dream cryingenough adult child. The adolescent period has its own characteristics associated with hormonal changes in the body, so you should consider the possibility of such outbursts of emotion.

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