How to wean a child from a dummy

When a small child is born in a family,most parents, without hesitation, give him a pacifier-blende. At that moment they do not even think that the time will come when they will face the problem of how to wean the child from a pacifier. After all, the main task for them is how to make their baby cry less. A pacifier is the best remedy for endless children's crying, at least in the first few months. Time passes, the baby grows, and such a nipple for him becomes something of a sedative. According to psychologists, for a child, a dummy is associated with the maternal breast and therefore in any stressful situation the baby unconsciously begins to look for the pacifier. In principle, most parents are happy with this state of affairs - the baby is happy and happy. But after about a year parents understand that if a child constantly suck a nipple, then this can result in undesirable consequences, up to the deformation of children's teeth. And before them there is another task - to wean the child from a pacifier. But this is very difficult, because a grown-up child does not want to part with his best friend - a pacifier. If you are thinking about the question of how to wean your child from a pacifier, then listen to the advice of experienced parents.

The first, and, in the opinion of many parents, the mostan effective way how to wean a child from a dummy is to smear it with something unpleasant to the taste. This method has been tested by a single generation. If you ask your moms or grandmothers, most of them will answer that they have weaned you from a dummy in this way. But, here it is appropriate to question the humanity of such a method. Trying to wean the child from a dummy, some parents smear it with horseradish or pepper. And do you imagine how a poor child feels at the same time? It's like pouring boiling water into your mouth and swallowing it. Believe me, these feelings are not much different from what a child feels, the nipple of which is smeared with horse-radish. Very cruel, though effective method.

Another way to solve the problem, how to weanchild from a pacifier is a farewell to a pacifier. This method is suitable for children who are already more than a year and a half. They already clearly understand the events taking place with them. There is a huge amount of pretexts, thanks to which your child voluntarily bids farewell to his pacifier. For example, if you have a dog or a cat, then invite the kid to share with them his pacifier, arguing that "the dog needs a nipple". Or offer the child to give his pacifier to a very young child, citing as an argument that he is still very young, he does not have his own nipple, and so he cries so loudly. True, not all babies are able to sacrifice their nipples for the sake of another child, because children are mostly selfish at this age.

Well, finally, the best way to weanthe child from a pacifier - to make so that the nipple is lost. In this case, the baby can lose his own dummy, and you will just have to find it and hide it safely or throw it away. Thus, the baby will not be offended at you for separating it from the "best friend". Or you yourself can deliberately hide the nipple and tell your child that she went to a small baby who does not have a tooth. Of course, the child will be upset at first and will look for the pacifier, but it will be literally a couple of days and he will definitely forget about it.

Thinking about how to wean your child offempty, estimate how much your baby is ready for this. If you take away the pacifier from him too soon, it can be a great stress for him. Therefore, if you see that the child is very worried because of the separation from the pacifier, then perhaps it is not the time to disaccustom it from her. Return the nipple to the child and wait a couple of weeks, then try again using one of the above methods. And, perhaps, the second time you will succeed.

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