When are Mothers Day celebrated in Russia?

Many, not knowing when Mothers Day is celebrated in our country, often miss it.

When did he appear?

The fact is that this date is not very specialpopularity. The reason is that the holiday officially began to be celebrated not so long ago - on the basis of the presidential decree it began to be celebrated, beginning in 1998. From that moment a specific period was chosen, when Mothers' Day was to be held, the last Sunday of the month ending autumn. It is, of course, about November.

Mother's Day 2013 in Russia

In fact, the tradition to pay special attention toattention to all mothers on a particular day of the year exists not only in our country. The holiday is considered international - it is known in more than 50 countries around the world. In the same England, the origins of this remarkable tradition originate in the 17th century. And they called him "Maternal Sunday" in those days, closely connecting with a number of church dates.

Traditions of other countries

In the US, we are familiar with this date, not by hearsay, but thereMother's Day is celebrated in early May. He was "introduced" in the country thanks to the initiative of Anna Jarvis, who lives in Philadelphia. She proposed to pay special attention to women with children on the day of her mother's death - on May 2. And the society supported it. Since then, everyone knows there when the Mothers Day is celebrated, and the scale of the holiday has long since assumed national dimensions, the Americans are very fond of it. It was first heard in the USA in 1914.

When Mother's Day

Another 23 countries, deciding when Mothers Day will beto celebrate with them, preferred the same date. The rest are celebrated in convenient terms: the Belarusians chose October, the Spaniards - December, and the Lebanese - March. And, perhaps, only in Russia with the onset of this day, when the mothers are given flowers and postcards, the triumph is carried out beyond the boundaries of families. Simply put, it takes on an official level, because in all the cities all mothers who bring up more than three children must be honored. For them, they arrange various kinds of concerts, festivals, they are awarded with the "Parental Glory" awards. In Europe, on this day, it is simply customary to come to visit mothers with small gifts and bouquets.

Features of the celebration

Mother's Day 2013 in Russia was celebrated on November 25, and this year it will be celebrated30 of the same month. During the Soviet era, mothers were awarded three types of medals. The most "simple" was given for the upbringing of 5 or 6 children. It was called the "Motherhood Medal". And the most honorable for a large woman was then the receipt of the Order "Mother Heroine" (he was given for the upbringing of 10 or more offspring).

When Mothers Day

In our time, handing out very different awards.There are two of them, they have the same names ("Parental Glory"), but the types are different. So, the medal of the order is given to both parents for the fact that they raised from 4 to 7 children. And the reward itself will be given to the father and mother, who put seven or more feet to their feet. (The status of "mother-heroine" as such does not exist anymore.)

In the latter case, by the way, to each parentis issued on two signs: one in full size, the other in miniature, so that you can wear it in especially solemn moments. For men and women, these rewards are different. An obligatory condition for applicants for the award (a requirement existed in Soviet times, and now): such families, so to speak, should set an example for society in all matters relating to the upbringing of children.

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