Care of animals. How to take care of horses properly

Horse riding is undoubtedly one of themost exciting hobbies. In addition, this is one of the most expensive hobbies in the world. It is very difficult to take care of horses, and they require much more attention and more specific food than dogs and cats. Care of animals, whatever they are in size and features, is very important, and the owner should know about this, before taking the pet for upbringing. If you take care of it, then the animal will treat you with reverence and love, every minute of communication will bring joy and good mood.

Appearance of the animal is very important not only intime of various competitions and exhibitions. Every day a neat appearance of the pet should please its owners. Caring for horses requires great responsibility from owners, since it is not a simple animal, but a giant, if one compares its size with the size of other mammals. It is not difficult to care for them - the main thing is to know the peculiarities of their content and to use the recommendations of professionals at the same time. After getting acquainted with the experience of domestic and foreign stud dogs, we tried to develop universal recommendations that will facilitate the care and turn it into an exciting activity.

Care of horses is needed not only toimprove external data, regular cleaning of wool and skin will keep them healthy, will also help to identify tumors, various swelling and knots. It is the cleaning of the horse that is an integral part of hygiene and caring for the health of the pet. In nature, for all this, they watch themselves: they bathe, roll in the dust, rub against the trees and bite each other. Modern horses have become accustomed to the fact that all these procedures make a person. Caring for animals requires maximum warmth and kindness, only then they will thank you the same.

For only a second the ring lasts, on which you can see the horse in all its glory, but for its impeccable appearance you need to learn how to take care of it long before the prom.

Every day, the usual cleaning and care is recommendedfor animals, for special occasions - ideal cleaning. Features of the procedure depend on the type of horse, season, weather, discipline and management system. But under no circumstances do not put on a dirty horse equipment or a blanket. Respect yourself and the animal. If you do not have time, then clean only those parts on which the harness will be worn.

Recommendations on how to care for animals are notare limited to advice on the care of hair and skin, it is necessary and to choose the right feed. First of all, you need to know about the needs of your horse. The larger the animal, the more feed it needs. Do not forget that the horse consumes grass and hay, needs a lot of fiber and water. Animals spend a lot of energy during running, which is why they must resume it at any time when they want to eat.

Caring for horses requires a lot of patience. Like all animals, they can have individual preferences for food. Some people like hay, other silage, others like straw. If the horse is without food for at least a day, then there is a risk that it will "work" the stomach ulcer, which is very poorly treated. In one day, the animal should consume enough to feed about 2-4 percent of its body weight.

Care of horses also provides for vaccinationand deworming. Among the mandatory activities can be called vaccinations against tetanus, rabies and influenza. Only an experienced veterinarian will be able to select a preparation for the vaccination.

As you can see, caring for animals is a certain obligation that the owner takes on himself. You need to not only love horses to look after them, you need to know how to do it right.

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