Does the test indicate ectopic pregnancy, symptoms and signs

Ectopic pregnancy is associated with pathology,where the egg (fetus) is attached not to the uterus, but to other organs - to the ovary, abdominal cavity or to the fallopian tube. It is here that it begins to develop and grow. This pregnancy is considered to be wrong, and it must be disposed of as soon as possible. If this phenomenon drags on, then a woman may break the pipe and begin internal bleeding.

Many of the fair sexwonder if the test shows an ectopic pregnancy? To answer it, you need to understand how the test works at all. A pregnant woman has a hCG hormone, the amount of which increases with the carrying of the baby every day. The test can show the emerged motherhood already on the first days of the delay in menstruation. And if there was an ectopic pregnancy, not every device recognizes it. But there are still tests that respond positively to such a pathology. If a woman feels unwell, she should contact a gynecologist.

So, before determining whether the test showsectopic pregnancy, it is necessary to compare all the symptoms. Usually, with this option, there are severe pains in the abdomen, there are no monthly pains, the temperature rises, bleeding and low blood pressure can form. In some women, an ectopic pregnancy can take place in the first weeks just like a normal, correct pregnancy. In this case, you can feel nausea and vomiting, dizziness and even fall into fainting.

So does the test show an ectopic pregnancy? There is no unambiguous answer to this question, most devices speak about a positive result, that is, they can even show it. But only competent gynecologists are able to fully verify this decision. Thus, it is not necessary to find out whether the test determines an ectopic pregnancy, but it is necessary to consult a doctor, and, as early as possible. Only a medical examination gives 100% results.

In addition, an early appeal tothe doctor-gynecologist contributes to the timely detection of pathologies and their elimination. During the examination, a frozen pregnancy will be detected, and then it will be eliminated. Also, with unclear indicators, a woman with such a diagnosis is sent for ultrasound, where it will be determined exactly - she is waiting for the baby or has some pathologies.

Whether the test shows an ectopic pregnancy is what we found out, but how much trust can the devices that are sold in pharmacies. Are there any other methods to determine the wrong pregnancy?

In general, modern medicine works wonders. Today, on a small date, or rather on the first day of the delay of their monthly, you can find out whether you will soon become a mother or not. But, still, wondering whether the test shows an ectopic pregnancy, you can safely say that yes. The level of gonadotropin in this pathology is less, but still it is enough to determine pregnancy.

What to do if there were pain inlower abdomen, which are accompanied by blood secretions, there is only one option - to consult a specialist. Even if the test determined that the woman is "in position", do not decide on your own that there was an ectopic pregnancy. Only the work of medical personnel will give its conclusion.

So, we affirmatively responded to numerousquestions - whether ectopic pregnancy is determined by test, and what are the signs of such pathology. If you have symptoms, you need urgent medical help. If you tighten with such a disease, you can get a repeat ectopic pregnancy, inflammation in the small pelvis and abdominal cavity, and forever give up the thought of someday becoming a mom.

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