Why the Red-eared Turtles are squeaking: causes and proper care of the animal

Often the owners of pets are not quiteunderstand the behavior of their pets. Many people like turtles, and one of the species is red-eared. Animals have their own peculiarities of behavior, care, feeding. Why the red-bellied turtles are squeaking? To find out, you need to visit a veterinarian. The specialist will identify the cause of the abnormality, and also prescribe the treatment. In some cases, you can determine it yourself.


Often animals make a squeak, like a crygulls. If there are several pets, then it is difficult to identify the one who makes the sounds. There may be different reasons why the red-eared turtles are squeaking. This may indicate the presence of the disease, so you need to inspect the animal.

Negative signs include swelling of the eyes,nasal secretions, trailing saliva, yellow plaque, ulcers. This can be the cause of illness, for example, pneumonia. Independent measures should not be taken. Professional help is needed.

why the red-eared turtles are squeaking

Why the red-bellied turtles are squeaking, if notsigns of the disease? Sometimes this is observed when eating juicy foods. A similar sound is produced during reproduction. A pet can "call" an individual of the opposite sex. Sexual maturity in males usually begins at 10 years, but this can occur at 8.

Why the red-bellied turtles are squeaking, if not yetis the breeding season? The cause may be a trauma that needs to be eliminated. Pets make sounds during treatment, for example, with injections. This indicates pain.

What is required for a turtle?

The pet lives well at home to 30years, and sometimes up to 50. Only quality and constant care is necessary. If this does not happen, the life span of the animal is markedly reduced. To the tortoise was always comfortable, it is necessary to follow simple rules:

  • a free aquarium is required, about 150-200 liters, since a large turtle grows out of a small pet;
  • in the space of the aquarium should be dry: although the animal is considered aquatic, but without the land it will not survive;
  • you need an ultraviolet lamp, and in a warm period you have to walk the animal on the street, but not under the open sun;
  • water must be constantly changed, it must always be clean.

If you follow these simple rules, then the pet will always be comfortable. Then it is unlikely that a red-bellied tortoise will grow up.

Content Rules

After buying the turtle must be placed in the aquariumwith a clean, regular day, with water. It is desirable to install a pump filter, because the turtle will grow faster. Along with her, there may be aquarium fish, but only when the animal becomes a bit bigger.

red-eared turtle

It is necessary to install a suitable bridge on land. It is advisable to choose a product with a rough surface, as it is more convenient for it to climb. But glass or plastic products do not fit, because they are slippery. The bridge should be placed less than 30 cm from the wall of the aquarium.

For a turtle it is important to have heat, and roomthe temperature for her is not always comfortable. Over an island in 10 cm, you need to install a lighting device with an incandescent lamp of 40 watts. Such a temperature for her will be favorable.

Features of food

Feeding the pet is also very important. These predators love raw meat, bloodworms, granulated fodder. But in the diet it is important to include fish for the following reasons:

  • replenishment of calcium: fish should be given with bones that are not dangerous to the pet;
  • need to use low-fat fish, and fatty varieties can be given only occasionally.

An important menu is important for the turtle to getall the necessary vitamins and minerals for her. For example, if any component is not enough, then there is a risk of developing any ailment. Cure it is not so simple.

why the red-bellied tortoise squeaks

Animal food is needed for young animals, but withby age it is necessary to give vegetable. Up to 2 years you must feed your pet once a day, and then three times a week. Food should be placed on the island, so that the water will be clean for a long time.

Why the red-bellied turtle squeaks, it is better to learn fromdoctor. This will allow to identify the disease in time, and also quickly eliminate it. And to maintain a comfortable life of the animal will help simple rules for food and nutrition.

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