The most expensive breed of dogs ... Which one?

In the modern world, dogs are not onlyfriends of the person, but, in some cases, and living status indicators. The most expensive breed of dogs to date is in fact unknown, since the price of a dog depends not only on the breed, but also on the title of the manufacturer, personal qualities, etc., and so on.

But, despite this, you can make a listthe ten most expensive breeds, with an approximate price spread. And if the most expensive breed of dogs can only come to light, then the most expensive dog in the world is widely known. To date, it is a red Tibetan mastiff named HongDong. He recently acquired a millionaire from China for a half million dollars. Although the usual price of this breed is from two to seven thousand dollars. But we proceed directly to the review:


Rottweiler. This breed was first "noticed" in the middle of the XVIII century in Germany, namely, in the town of Rottweil. From the very beginning, these dogs were intended for the transfer of livestock, but when railways appeared, the need for this did not become and the dogs began to be used as guards. The cost of elite puppies of this breed ranges from 1 to 6 thousand dollars.


Saluki (Persian hound). This breed was bred in Egypt at the beginning of our era. For such dogs, maintenance and care are very complex, since they need a large amount of running, in particular a very mobile way of life in general, and in addition they are selective in food. Their cost starts from 2500 dollars.


Tibetan Mastiff. These dogs are a symbol of the Chinese elite and belong to the oldest breeds of the world, and that is why they are an indicator of status. They were guards of Tibetan monasteries and, perhaps, solely because of this the breed is shrouded in a huge number of myths and legends. The cost of Tibetan mastiff ranges from 2000 to 7000 dollars.


Canadian Laika (Eskimo dog).Initially, this breed was actively used in expeditions as sled dogs, but today there are very few individuals of this breed, which helped these dogs to qualify for the title "The most expensive breed of dogs." Now the cost of Canadian Laika is from 7000 dollars.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.This "royal" dog received its name in honor of King Charles II of England. And although the king himself did not become the root cause of the withdrawal of this spaniel, but he became the first known person to have this breed. And even as the name implies, this dog can rightfully be the most expensive breed of dog. The cost of this spaniel ranges from 1000 to 6000 dollars.


Chow-chow. The first mention of this breed is found in China 200 years before our era. The price of this ancient dog is from 1 to 8.5 thousand dollars.


Lövchen (Lyon Bichon).In translation, the name of this breed means a small lion. It was bred in Europe, but at present there are very few of these dogs left. Therefore, once again, the value of the breed is explained, among other things, also by its rarity. The cost of these "lions" is in the range of 5000-8000 dollars.


English bulldog.Although these breeds of dogs are very common, they are expensive because of the peculiarities of crossing and getting new individuals, and the cost of bulldog puppies from high-born parents is about 9 thousand dollars.


Egyptian pharaoh's dog.This is the oldest of the existing dogs. They were taken out in ancient Egypt, and later brought to Malta and for two thousand years bred such "pharaohs" only there. And in 1974 Pharaoh's hounds received the title of "national Maltese dog". The cost of "faithful companions of the pharaohs" varies from 2500 to 10,000 dollars.


The Samoyed Laika. These dogs were bred in Siberia as a sledge breed. The cost of the best representatives of this breed reaches a sum of 11 thousand dollars.

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