The spring block "Bonnel" - what is it? Customer Reviews

Already for many years popular among the population uses the spring block "Bonnel". What it is? This device is used in the production of mattresses. Read more about this in detail!

Spring mattress blocks: types

mattress with independent spring block
There are two groups of springs: working on tension and compression. In mattress production, the latter type is used. They are made of rod steel of various lengths and profiles of various types.

In the production of mattresses, one of two types of spring unit is used:

  • independent;
  • dependent.

Both one and the other have both their shortcomings andadvantages. Experts advise that for a quality sleep and maximum comfort it is better to buy mattresses with a spring, independent unit. But unfortunately, not everyone can afford it.

The spring block "Bonnel" - what is it?

spring block bonnel what is it
Millions of customers around the world forlong years choose sofas and beds with the above block. Mattresses with a spring-dependent unit were first used as far back as 1885. Since then, this product enjoys great popularity among consumers.

The spring block "Bonnel" - what is it? In fact, it is a regular spring mattress, which is already well known to the public. But, it turns out, not everything is so simple.

Experts ask not to confuse the former springmattresses with "bonnels". The first soon sagged, and the springs jumped out. A completely different technology of work has a spring block "Bonnel". What is it? It turns out that the method of fastening the springs is applied here.

Technology of production of the Bonnel spring unit

spring box bonnel reviews
Springs, specially designed for this,continuously intertwined in a certain sequence. Weaving occurs according to a method that does not involve their contact, they do not creak or rub. Special biconical springs, from which the whole of the above block consists, are attached to each other by means of a steel wire.

At the heart of the orthopedic mattress can be five-turn or four-turn biconical springs. If the first type is used, the mattress will be a little higher and more expensive.

On the coils of the final spirals, the spring "Bonnel" block has special "locks". They prevent spirals from spinning spontaneously.

The main characteristics of the Bonnel spring unit

The above block has the following features:

  • block spring, dependent (all its elements are tightly connected through a metal frame with each other);
  • is used in cheap mattresses;
  • produces orthopedic effect;
  • adapts itself to the anatomical shape of the human body.

It should be noted that the aforementioned spring unit, whose reviews are the most diverse, is used to produce mattresses with a one-sided and two-sided surface.

The former are an exceptionally good economic option. They are bought mainly for summer cottages. In addition, they are great for a variety of hotels and recreation centers, sanatoriums.

Mattresses with a block spring-dependent, with a two-sided surface are of high quality and durability.

Mattress with spring unit independent

sofas with independent spring unit
The above block is already produced using a completely different technology. Each spring is placed in a separate pocket. Then there is gluing together these pockets.

The number of springs in the block directly depends on their diameter. The level of comfort of sleep will be better, the orthopedic properties of the mattress are higher if more springs were used.

The latter have several variants of location:

  • one by one in a row;
  • in staggered order (through one) - this affects the stiffness of the mattress, it will be better;
  • a small spring in a large spring;
  • according to the zones of stiffness (back, head, shoulders, pelvis, feet, calves, hips).

It should be noted that in the pelvic area, the spring block has the greatest rigidity.

Sofas with an independent spring unit are differentremarkable quality, high anatomy, comfort and convenience. The main disadvantages of it are only a high price. Sometimes a mattress with an independent spring block is called insufficiently rigid. Therefore, some experts do not recommend using them for children.

This unit is well proven in mattressesdouble rooms. The main feature of it is that each side works autonomously. That is, if at night your second half often turns, it will be very insensible to you.

Sofas with independent spring unitare manufactured according to advanced technologies and meet all the necessary requirements. Their anatomical properties they are able to retain for many years, because they differ sufficiently high durability (more than 10 years).

Spring block Bonnel: reviews

spring block reviews
Mattresses with the above block, according to the responsesconsumers, are of acceptable value and good quality. Of course, they can not be compared with independent spring blocks. But the latter are quite expensive and, in most cases, can not afford a family with an average income.

People who use a mattress with a spring-dependent unit note its good anatomical ability. Sleeping on it is convenient.

The disadvantages of this mattress, according to buyers, is that if a person turns over, his other half feels it well.

A mattress with a spring box "Bonnel" is affordable and inexpensive, a true masterpiece of modern mattress production.

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