How to help a child adapt in kindergarten quickly

For many parents, the question "how to help the childto adapt in a kindergarten "is very important, because in each family there comes a time when a toddler should attend a children's institution, and this is not always due to the fact that there is nobody to leave it with. The kindergarten is an opportunity for the child to get new impressions and experience of communication with peers, as well as learn a lot of new things.

But many children hardly get used to children's institution. Changing the situation and the usual regime for them is the strongest stress. A child can become

how to help a child adapt in kindergarten
aggressive, capricious, naughty, as a result, will often get sick. To alleviate the stressful situation, parents need to know how to help the child adapt to the kindergarten.

Most importantly, you need to choose the right childgarden. Now there are specialized institutions that work with children with disabilities in health and mental development or who are deeply involved with children in music or sports. There are also private kindergartens, where more attention is paid to individual work with children. Parents should learn more about different institutions for children, talk with other parents, watch the caregivers.

A lot depends on the caregiver, and the problem,how to adapt in kindergarten, it will be easier to solve, if the child with the tutor immediately has a contact. Therefore, parents need to communicate more with teachers, talk about the habits and nature of their

how to adapt in kindergarten
the kid. At home you need to talk with your child about what was in the kindergarten, what they played, you can talk about the caregiver, but you should never speak badly about teachers in the presence of the child.

The problem of how to help a child adapt tokindergarten, it will be easier to solve, if in advance to prepare the baby for the regime and rules of behavior in the group. Some time before entering the children's institution, the child must at home eat the food that is fed in the garden, because many children do not like the porridges and soups that they give. The regime of the day at home should also be as close to the garden as possible. If the baby gets used to this at home, it will be easier for him to adapt. The main thing is to teach the child to sleep from 13 to 15 hours.

Parents long before entering kindergartenshould know how to help the child adapt. The most difficult thing is for kids who do not know how to play, listen and follow the directions of adults. You need to play with the kid more often in different games, especially story-role, read to him and teach to listen carefully. So it will be easier for him to join

how to help your child adapt
collective. It is necessary in advance to introduce the baby to what is a kindergarten: to play with him, to lead to the nearest kindergarten and to show how the children play.

Some babies who enter kindergartenat an early age, suffer from a lack of self-service skills. You need to teach the child to dress, go to the pot yourself and eat. Very much prevents the process of adapting the habit of sucking a nipple or wearing diapers. It is necessary to disinhibit the baby from this in advance.

The problem of how to help a child adapt in a kindergarten will be solved easily, if the parents themselves are positive about the visit to the kindergarten, they will not worry and get nervous.

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