The most common breed of long-haired duty dogs

Dogs are the true friends of man for alreadymany centuries. They accompany their masters everywhere, share with them joys and sorrows, work and rest. And here the service dogs are a special group of these animals, aimed at performing certain specific functions, to help a person. For this, they must have a number of qualities that not all breeds can boast of.

breed of long-haired duty dogs

Usually they are large, strong and strong animals,capable of prolonged labor, movement over long distances. They are tireless, obedient and smart. Any breed of long-haired service dogs, like smooth-haired, requires proper upbringing and long walks, and other types of exercise are also useful for them. They will be devoted to their master and will learn to fulfill all his wishes. However, dogs of this purpose are unlikely to get up and curl between their legs. They are serious and harsh, always ready to fulfill the task, protect their beloved owner and his property.

breeds of dogs alphabetically

When talking about service dogs, in the firstthe turn on the mind comes the famous for a lot of films representative of this direction - the German Shepherd. It can be either long-haired or short-haired. The field of work of these dogs is very extensive. They can be found in specialized forces (for example, on the border), they can also serve as guides and protect the herds. These animals show miracles of endurance and ingenuity. And the most famous breed of long-haired service dogs is, perhaps, a collie. Glory to her brought also the cinema. The movie "Lassie" is especially popular. Of course, it does not directly show the purpose of this dog as a watchman, hunter or shepherd, but an outstanding mind and stamina are beautifully shown.

Another breed of long-haired service dogs,which is widely known, is St. Bernard. These large and non-malicious animals work as rescuers in the most difficult weather conditions, helping (thanks to tirelessness, endurance and excellent scent) to save lives for people in critical situations. The large slobbering face of St. Bernard is so expressive that it will not leave anyone indifferent. But villains will bypass the house where such a watchman lives, the furthest way.

breeds of dog
It is worth mentioning and another breedlong-haired service dogs - Newfoundland. This large animal comes from Canada, where it was considered a fisherman an indispensable assistant, even in a piercing cold wind. They can be excellent rescuers, not only on land, but also in water. Representatives of this species - excellent swimmers, as well as strong and powerful workaholic, which you can rely on in the most difficult situation. They will help to carry the cargo, as they once helped their fishermen-owners to get full networks, they can even work as sled dogs. Despite the sometimes frightening appearance, all these dogs are completely not aggressive towards the owners, they are obedient, they can be true and reliable friends not only adults but also children.

There are many specialized literature andsites where you can view the breeds of dogs alphabetically and learn their basic qualities. And then make the right choice for that particular pet, which is best suited to a particular family or specific goal.

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