Fight dogs

There is enough time around the dogs thatcalled fighting, do not stop the debate and scandals. They are told about the chilling stories: those aggressive dogs attack children, then they mutilate adults, and even devour their masters.

Repeatedly across the country were collected signatures,the programs were filmed, but the question is not resolved, and the breeds of fighting dogs still have a high enough price. Their content in the houses no one banned, while a couple of other mutilated or shot dogs do not solve the issue.

Fighting dogs, according to most people, who at least once met with them, are dangerous and aggressive, because they were specially withdrawn for dog fights.

On sale of puppies of such breed, as fightingdogs, many do business. And the owners, instead of forking out a professional cynologist, who will teach them how to properly execute the commands, just keep them in the house, believing that they have secured their housing.

But is fighting dogs really aggressors, or are they just victims?

First of all, let's try to decide which onesrocks can be attributed to them. Today, there are at least two opinions about this: either all dogs that are suitable for protective and guard duty, including sheepdogs, Dobermans and Rottweilers, are recognized as such, or this is just a hype, and there is no such thing as fighting dogs in nature.

In fact, both opinions are close to the truth.

Many representatives of breeds known asfighting, really come from dogs, which were originally taken as pickling. They were used in the persecution of wild animals or as gladiators in dog fights. These are such sabak breeds as Bordeaux, German and Argentine mastiff, mastiff, bulldog, philae brazilier, amstaffter terrier, pit bull, bull terrier. By the way, you can easily add to this list and a "peaceful" dog like shar pei, known among the dog handlers as "Chinese fighting". The same can be said about the Russian black terrier, the Caucasian, Central Asian and South Russian shepherds, who, when attacked, are really aggressive and scary.

However, although they can be classified as"Fighting dogs", about them there is not a word either in the media or in any television program, although the stories about the next attack appear every week. On TV and on the Internet, this is one of the "hot topics" with a high rating.

So why do many of our terrible four-legged friends not call the killer dogs, and by what criterion of the specific dog is classified as a breed of fighting dogs?

According to the law, from the beginning of 2013, the importation of fighting dogs will be banned to the territory of our countries, and all the individuals that are kept by dog ​​breeders will be euthanized or sterilized.

A special instruction for all thoseVeterinary clinics, in which permits for animals are issued. If the dog has been recorded at least one case of aggression in the past year, then it will be lulled unambiguously.

A significant part of this billis devoted to the care of those pets that will be allowed not to put to sleep. They can be walked only in muzzles, it will be forbidden to release from the leash. The hosts will need to have special belts that give the chance to keep the dog in a dangerous situation. However, if someone writes a complaint to the dog, the specialists will immediately put him to sleep.

It is known that at the moment fighting dogs are Bordeaux and Argentine bulldogs, as well as a pit bull, which the media call just "killer".

While the fate of Amstaff is not known, but hereBullterriers are likely to be banned from all over the world in the near future. And although the dog handlers have a completely different opinion, however, these fighting dogs, in addition to particular aggressiveness, also have a terrible appearance.

The only question is, why should a person keep in his house such a dog who at any moment can attack and at best only bite? But in fact there are times more terrible.

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