How to choose earplugs for swimming?

earplugs for swimming

Everyone knows what earplugs are.Sometimes without this, of course, a brilliant invention simply can not do. After all, there are not only noisy neighbors, which theoretically can still somehow be carried out, without stopping their ears. Musicians or professional sportsmen-shooters need earplugs.


All earplugs are produced in three forms:

  1. Balloons. They are soft and plastic, easily fit into the auricle, and in order to reach them, it is enough to press lightly on the hollow under the lobe.
  2. Fungi. Round head and tail, for which pull ear plugs.
  3. Arrows. Several round discs with a tail.

According to their intended purpose, antinoise inserts are divided into:

- earplugs for swimming;

- for musicians;

- for sleep;

- for diving (deep-sea diving);

- for the aircraft.

baby earplugs for swimming

In this article we will examine in more detail earplugsfor swimming. Important: Some manufacturers claim that they have universal earplugs, which are suitable for any occasion. This does not quite correspond to reality: you can combine one or two directions, but you will not be able to combine everything. For example, earplugs for sleep should exert minimal pressure on the ear, and earplugs for swimming, on the other hand, should be firmly pressed against the ear canal in order to prevent water from entering. Agree that such opposing qualities can not be combined in one design.

Earplugs for swimming: how to choose

Anti-noise liners for swimming and fordiving is not the same thing. The first simply do not have to pass water, the latter should ensure the stabilization of pressure when deep immersion. Therefore, when buying, pay attention to these characteristics.

Material for production of antinoise insertsuse different: cotton, polyurethane, polypropylene, PVC. However, earplugs for swimming are best to acquire silicone - they provide a snug fit, but do not completely mute the sound.

earplugs for swimming for children

In addition, the buyer always stands upa question - disposable or reusable ear plugs. Disposable more hygienic, but reusable more practical and less harmful to the environment. However, you need to remember: for reusable liners you need to look after - wash after use with a mild soap solution and warm water.

Along with conventional, sold earplugs for swimmingfor children. In no case should the child be allowed to use "adult" jammers. Baby earplugs for swimming differ from adults only in size. The price of those and others is about the same, from 150 to 700 rubles.

Some models are equipped with a lace from one liner to another. So earplugs are not lost, they are easier to store and more comfortable to wear.

It remains to answer the last question:"Do you need ear plugs for swimming or can you do without them?" The answer is quite obvious - they are needed. The water in the natural reservoirs is dirty enough and there are a lot of microorganisms in it, so do not let it get into your ears, even if you can "blow it out." The water in the pools is saturated with chlorine, which is also a danger. Therefore, protect yourself from possible complications and use earplugs for swimming.

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