Day of the lawyer in Russia: important nuances

Jurisprudence in our country as a sciencewas formed only in the 18th century. At that time, lawyers were more interested not in the theory of law, but in ways to systematize legal acts, which, as we know, often contradict each other, being disunited. Lawyer's Day is an official holiday. Not everyone knows about it, but still it exists.

Day of the lawyer in Russia

Day of the lawyer of Russia

In the times of Peter the Great, jurisprudence was taught by German lawyers. Professional servants of the law of national origin appeared only half a century later.

The need to systematize the laws forcedour lawyers actively work. Indeed, a serious achievement of those times can be called the Code of Laws. The basis of Russian jurisprudence lay German, but our achievements in the field of this science were still noticeable even then. School law was historical.

In the early years of the Soviet Empirelawyers were considered to be very knowledgeable for the society. They distinguished an important role in everything. In 1920, the authorities began to maintain a special register - it included information about people who have a legal education.

Day of the lawyer in Russia appeared not afterdisintegration of the Union, however, after perestroika, a great deal of interest arose among the servants of law and law. Their profession has become increasingly popular every year. It was at that time that private lawyers and notaries, bailiffs, magistrates, and so on began to appear.

Today, the day of the lawyer in Russia is relevant, sincethese people in the country abound. They even have their own associations and corporate unions. Everyone says that Russia is a state of law. Of course, it could not have been so if the legal science had not developed.

Lawyers of Russia

Lawyer's day in Russia appeared not so long ago.The initiative was made by the Moscow City Duma deputies. Initially, they sent a proposal to the Association of Lawyers of Russia. In early 2008, the initiative was supported by Dmitry Medvedev. It was necessary to determine the date of the new holiday.

Initially, he wanted to put on February 28.This day, as you know, was considered the day of veneration of Yaroslav the Wise. Recall that it was he who created the Russian truth. There was also an idea to date the Day of the lawyer in Russia on January 22.

What in the end?For the first time this holiday was celebrated in our country on December 3. Year 2008. Why on this day? The reason is that in far 1864 in our country a series of legislative acts was adopted, which subsequently became the basis of judicial reform. Let's notice, that domestic lawyers this day considered as the till 1917.

Day of the lawyer of Russia

On the day of the lawyer, an honorable award is awarded. The title is "Lawyer of the Year". It is awarded to the ministers of law who contribute not only to the development of modern jurisprudence, but also the shaping of the image of modern Russia as a legal and democratic state.

Sergei Alekseev - the first winner. He participated in the drafting of the Constitution and the Civil Code. Generally, candidates are carefully chosen. Selection is a complex process, as there are plenty of serious candidates for today. Professional lawyers in Russia are numerous.

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