November 20 - World Children's Day. History and features of the holiday

Children are small creatures capable oftransform our existence and fill it with all the colors of the rainbow. Many parents say with certainty that it was with the advent of the child that their lives changed radically. And to whom, if not they, we must dedicate the best holidays in the world.

Geography of the celebration, or where it did not take root?

November 20 is the annual World Children's Rights Day, a tradition that has existed for many years in 129 UN member countries.

20 November World Children's Day

For example, in Russia in some regions itis quite popular, although everyone loved the International Children's Day (celebrated on June 1) got accustomed to it better. It is known that the World Children's Day on November 20 is confined to the "Convention on the Rights of the Child" adopted on the same day, but only in 1989. It took effect in 1990, and in Russia - in 1994. Already at the beginning of the 21st century (in 2000), another document was written that prescribes the basic indicators of health and population development to be achieved by 2015. worldwide. It is called the "Millennium Declaration", and most of it is assigned to the child.

Unusual facts about children all over the world

World Children's Day (November 20) was created specifically so that we once again think about the smallest and most valuable creatures in our lives. After all, children are very vulnerable.

World Children's Day November 20
The world of crumbs is a kind of fairy tale, from which thentheir entire future life will depend. Therefore, it must daily fill with colors and magic. In general, when talking about children, it is important to know some interesting world facts about them, for example:

  1. V.A. Mozart - many do not recognize his innate genius, constantly reminding us that with him at an early age was carefully engaged in his father. But classes are absolutely meaningless if the child does not have perfect hearing and a sense of rhythm. Mozart by the age of 5 composed entire works, and by 10 - the first symphony.
  2. The intellect of the 2-year-old Oscar Rigley knew no equal. He had such an IQ-160 to such a small age. In his time, A.Enstein was given such a gift of knowledge and logical thinking. The kid even was in the club of the smartest people on the planet.
  3. In Australia, at the moment, recorded the highest number of cases of safely born children, conceived through artificial insemination.
  4. By the way, the moment when a baby is bornsome countries are not considered to be his birth date. For example, in Korea, the nine months he lived in the womb of a mother are added to the age of the child. In India, the day of conception is the point of reference for the life of crumbs.
  5. The age of women who could give birth to a healthy baby, too, can amaze. So, one Italian woman first became a mother in 63 years.
  6. The number of children born to one woman can be very large. One Russian peasant woman in her 40 years was able to give birth to 69 children.

20 November - World Children's Day

In fact, it is thanks to this holidayglobal issues related to the child's life began to be solved all over the world. Organizations are created to monitor unfavorable families. After all, according to the "terrible" statistics, in most of such cells of the community, kids do not live up to five years.

20 November World Children's Rights Day

In the health sector, largeresults: save those children who were previously considered incurable. In terms of public policy, children are not afraid to express their opinion and make an important decision on their own. Throughout the year, but especially on November 20 (World Children's Day), a lot of work is now being done around the world for babies. On the basis of the United Nations, the Children's Fund is founded, whose activities are connected with the health of children. Even pregnant women are assisted, because already in the womb of the future mother is so important to maintain the health of the child.

History of this event

Who and when the World Children's Day was invented -holiday on November 20? What are its goals? The main task was one - to protect and provide the best life for every child, regardless of where it is located on our vast planet. That is why in 1954 all the countries that were part of the UN received from the General Assembly an order that was as follows: by 1956 it was required to prepare a project for the introduction of the holiday dedicated to the Children's Day.

World Children's Day holiday November 20

There were four main directions that the world powers should follow on the basis of this plan:

  • survival of the child in this world: refers to physical health and its moral condition;
  • development of children: their access to pre-school institutions, schools, sports facilities, etc .;
  • protection from the negative influence of the external environment;
  • Participation in the life of the society to which children belong.

At the international level, November 20 (World Daychild) it is customary to celebrate a holiday called Universal Children's Day. But each country is allowed to choose its own national variant. By the way, the date of such a significant event was not immediately determined. But after a while the question was raised at the UN meeting. This was done after signing some important documents:

  • 1959 - Declaration of the rights of the child;
  • 1989 - Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Traditions of the holiday

20 November - World Children's Rights Day isthe best reason for doing good deeds, for example, such as charity. By the way, this is what various famous people and organizations are doing at this holiday.

November 20, World Children's Rights Day is celebrated every year
Popular network of fast food restaurantsMcDonalds has been conducting actions for several years timed to this day. Say, having paid the bill for food, you automatically donate some amount from it to the orphanage and to treat seriously sick children. Or, buying a toy or thing, saving someone's life. After all, we all need support, and small vulnerable creatures especially.

Congratulations and gifts

You, as parents, can arrange for childrenmagic, as they say, and in gray everyday life. And on November 20 (World Children's Day), do something special for them every year. Decorate the house with balloons, bake a cake and spend an evening with your family. The main thing is not expensive gifts and poems of your own work, but attention, love and care.

Any holiday for the child will be more beautiful, if hespent next to relatives and relatives. Try this day to fill your home with warmth and comfort, invite grandparents, set the table and always be near the child. It is from such a celebration that he will have the brightest and most pleasant memories.

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