Mixture "Nutrilon 1 Premium": instructions, composition and reviews

For children they try to find the best. Almost every woman wants to breastfeed her baby, since breast milk is the most useful and tastiest. But sometimes it happens that by coincidence Mom has to either partially or completely switch to artificial mixtures, which in fact are in no way inferior in composition to their natural diet. One of the most famous mixtures can be called "Nutrilon Premium 1". Reviews about it are also positive. The composition of the product is indicated on its packaging and contains important substances for the correct development of the baby.

"Nutrilon 1 Premium"

"Nutrilon Premium 1". Mixture composition

The product includes a whole range of substances,the reasonable use of which helps the child to grow and develop normally from birth. This is a carefully balanced and professionally selected set of ingredients, so necessary for the baby for active functioning of the body.

The mixture "Nutrilon Premium 1" composition has the following: skimmed milk, lactose, demineralized whey, whey concentrate. Also, the product is enriched with a mixture of vegetable oils, minerals, fish oil, trace elements, taurine, soya lecithin, vitamin complex, inosyl, nucleotides, L-carnitine and L-thiosin.

Most pediatricians recommend Nutrilon Premium 1. The food composition corresponds to all standards, which guarantees the baby all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

"Nutrilon premium 1" reviews

Application area

The mixture "Nutrilon Premium 1" is intended forfeeding children from birth and up to six months. It is used if there is a lack of breast milk or there is no possibility of breastfeeding.

Of course, the best food for babies thisage will be breast milk. "Nutrilon 1 Premium" is used as its substitute. It takes into account the high needs of children and helps protect them from disease. The prebiotics of ImmunoFortis are very similar in composition to the prebiotics of mother's milk, which favors the strengthening of the immune system. Special fatty acids ARA and DHA have a positive effect on the development of the intellect and immunity of the child.

mixture "Nutrilon premium 1" reviews

The order of introduction

To ensure the safety of the newcomplementary feeding should be started in small quantities, using a separate bottle before feeding. The baby will need adaptation to new foods. Therefore, little by little, eventually increasing the amount of "Nutrilon 1 Premium", do not forget to cut down the usual food. Gradually, the child's body will learn how to take a new product. If the process of adaptation is accompanied by any reactions of the body, a timely assessment of the process will help prevent the negative consequences of introducing a new mixture in the diet of the child.

mixture "Nutrilon premium 1"

Mode of application

Before cooking, you must seriously approachto the process of washing hands and sterilizing bottles and nipples. Then boil the water and allow it to cool to 40 ° C. Find the parameters in the feeding table, and in accordance with her calculations, measure the exact amount and pour into the prepared dishes. It is better not to use such water again. When preparing the mixture, always use a measuring spoon. To be as accurate as possible in measurements, filling a measuring spoon should be without a slide. The exact amount of the product should be added to the water, since more or less of its mass may harm the child. Then close the bottle and shake it vigorously for a few seconds until complete dissolution. Next, change the cap to the nipple. It is necessary to check the temperature of the liquid on the inner side of the wrist, it should not be above 37 ° C. The prepared mixture is usable for an hour.

"Nutrilon premium 1" price

Precautionary measures

Before applying Nutrilon 1 Premium,need a doctor's consultation. It is necessary to follow the instructions exactly as to the dosage of the prepared mixture so as not to harm the child. Do not use leftovers for subsequent feedings. Do not use the microwave oven to preheat it to avoid the presence of hot lumps. Do not leave the baby unattended while feeding.


Product components may not individuallyto be carried by children. Namely, it is about sugar and cow protein (lactose). In the case of lactase deficiency (it is easy to determine it), the child will have a bad stool, regurgitate, and will also be covered with a strong rash. If these symptoms appear, you must stop taking the mixture.

"Nutrilon Premium 1" composition

Storage conditions

The mixture must be stored in a closed jar in a drycool place at a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C. The humidity of the air in the place of storage should not exceed 75%, otherwise the powder can damp. The refrigerator is also not the most suitable option, since it can "enrich" the food with the smells and microflora of the products stored in it. Remoteness from flour and cereals guarantees safety from insect infestation.

Shelf life

Shelf life of the mixture is 18 months. If the bank is already open, its contents must be used within three weeks. When storing the "Nutrilon 1 Premium" mixture it is necessary to ensure inaccessibility for children. The product should not be used after the expiration date, as this may lead to poisoning.


If we talk about the availability and cost of the product,then we can say that this is not the most expensive dry milk formula, which is sold in pharmacies and children's shops. Its price will depend on where the goods are purchased. So, some children's shops periodically make discounts, and it can be bought for 300-350 rubles.

In the case of a mix of "Nutrilon Premium 1" in hypermarkets or pharmacies, the price will approach 400 rubles, and sometimes - and 450. But this is a packing cost of 400 grams.

"Nutrilon Premium 1". Reviews positive

Separately, it is necessary to say about the responses to thismix, because the bulk of consumers stop their choice, only knowing the opinion of their friends. So, one can say for sure that most mothers are buying Nutrilon 1 Premium.

So, what is this mixture good for? "Nutrilon Premium 1" reviews receive the following:

  • Availability. Young parents note that the mixture is sold in large hypermarkets, as well as in pharmacies and children's shops. You do not need to look for a particular store to buy food there.
  • Convenient packaging. Unlike other mixtures, "Nutrilon 1 Premium" is sold not in a cardboard box, but in a plastic box, which is very convenient. The lid closes very tightly, unlike the cardboard packages, where in a day the mixture begins to dampen. And the likelihood that the content will be poured out is minimal.
  • Pleasant taste. Many parents note that the mixture has a pleasant enough taste, which can not be said about nutrition from other producers. Often parents, before giving a mixture to a child, try it themselves. So, they say that from the whole range it is more pleasant to the taste
  • Mix well. There are a number of mixtures that dissolve poorly, lumps remain, even if the milk is diluted with hot water. As for "Nutrilon 1 Premium", when shaking does not form any foam, there are no unpleasant lumps
  • The child eats well. Sometimes children categorically refuse certain mixtures. And "Nutrilon 1 Premium" most babies eat well.

Negative feedback

Despite the fact that one of the best products is considered to be a mixture of Nutrilon Premium 1, there are also negative reviews about it. The main negative points are:

  • Allergic. To the great regret, a certain part of the children reacts badly to the mixture, they develop a rash.
  • The price. Despite the fact that "Nutrilon 1 Premium" - the mixture is not the most expensive, it is not very cheap to buy. The average price for a package of 400 grams is close to 400 rubles, that is, a child eats a box in three days. A month is a large amount.
  • Ubiquitous advertising, because of what the cost of food is constantly increasing.

And although most parents note that the mixture is pleasant to the taste, some argue that it can not be eaten. But, as they say, there are no comrades for taste and color. The main thing is that she likes the child.

In fact, it's difficult to choose a mixture. And whatever advertised it was, it might not suit your child.

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