16. Who is to blame and what to do?

Perhaps the very expression "pregnant at 16" is alreadyleads, if not fear, then at least a familiar feeling - somewhere we've heard about it. Yes, it is about this problem that the media of all stripes are vying with each other. In other words, this is called teenage pregnancy, early and so on. But no matter how we call this phenomenon, it will not be better and the situation, alas, will not change for the better.

It may be, of course, early to sound the alarm, sincepregnant women in 16 years, and even more so, in 15-14 - is more an exception than a rule, but, as experts say, their number is growing. Slowly, but, alas, this is a regularity. Mom's younger, the age of parturient women is decreasing.

It should be remembered that if a girl, but practicallygirl, is pregnant at 16, then this pregnancy is not just the result of an unprotected sexual intercourse. No. The reasons are much deeper and they are more tragic.

Let's consider the main ones. First, pregnancy can happen in families, where in special favor increased care. It strangles and prevents living. And nowhere from this parental care can not escape. Everything seems to be good: the girl is full, shod and able to live in abundance, but that's not perceived as an adult and do not speak on equal terms, heart-to-heart. And all from a position - we parents and know better. So you get this case: pregnant at 16, like a cry for help, as proof of adulthood and shock therapy for those who do not want to hear their parents' daughter. But this is not the only reason, but only "one of".

Ранняя беременность может наступить просто из-за lack of reliable information. And again, the strings lead to the parents. They did not explain where the children come from, did not talk about contraceptives, they did not teach to strive first of all for social and psychological maturity, and only then take responsibility and enter into a relationship. These notorious "not" leads eventually to what we have: "I'm 16 years old, I'm pregnant." And then tears, reproaches and even attempts at suicide begin. Alas, pregnancy - this is a great stress even for trained parents, and what to say, when for a teenager it is like a bolt from the blue? And in this case, the girl needs support, as never before.

What are the causes of such early pregnancies? And they are simple and at the same time terrible. It could be rape. Yes, we live in a society where a woman, especially a young woman, is a desirable object for committing violence. Practically in any Russian city it is worth (more precisely, not worth it) to leave the house after 21-22 hours, as the probability of being robbed, raped, injured increases at times. Alas, the experts here do not bode well for us either. Crime only grows and the police can not stop it, even after loud renunciations and reforms.

But here again the reason is worth looking for in the parents- Why was the daughter at that time outside her parents' house? Maybe it's easier for her to be out of the house, run to friends or just hang around on the street than be under the same roof with her parents? Of course, rape can occur at home, usually it happens when the person in the house has access with criminal inclinations, of course, with the consent of adults.

So, what happens in this case? Yes, the conclusion is obvious. If your daughter is pregnant at 16 or earlier, which also happens more often, all the strings, whatever one may say, are drawn to the parents. And educate, and you have to be angry with yourself. Alas, contact with the child, alas, was lost. Or it was not at all.

But the coming pregnancy does not mean that allis over and lost. In the end, life continues anyway. If the first bells were not noticed by the parents, then the shock therapy described above is carried out.

Look for contact with the child, do not lose it, be interested in what your child is living, but not from the position of control and guardian, but from the position of a friend and an equal.

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