November 5 holiday in Russia what?

Today is the 5th of November. What holiday in Russia is celebrated on this day? Military scouts. They are responsible today, because they have a difficult task on their shoulders - ensuring the security of the state.

November 5 holiday in Russia

Fidelity to traditions

Specialists of military intelligence are fineare oriented in various types of activities, such as strategic, technical, agency, space, economic, military (special forces of the GRU). This is their November 5 holiday.

In Russia, the GRU (General Intelligence Agency)management) is the only special service that conducts space reconnaissance, using the orbital grouping of artificial Earth satellites. Officers know that by their service they strengthen the greatness of the Motherland, therefore words of duty, honor and conscience are not an empty sound for them. Traditions of loyalty to Russia and the people are still valuable here.

Closed Service

On this day, November 5, a holiday in Russia is celebratedthose who stand guard over her interests. Military intelligence of our country is one of the most effective and closed secret services in the world. The information received by the military scouts has more than once become the basis for the decision by the top leadership to ensure the security of the country.

November 5 holiday in Russia 2015

Its indispensability and efficiency it showed during the crisis situations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Abkhazia. More than 700 military intelligence officers have awards of the highest standard and the title of Heroes.

Military intelligence is still the most closed special structure, it does not have its own press service.

Why is this date selected?

According to the decision of the Ministry of Defense for the militaryNovember 5 is a holiday. In Russia, all those who serve in reconnaissance units accept congratulations. The holiday is intended to emphasize the merit of the knights of the shield and sword, and is aimed at strengthening their fighting spirit. The day of memory of scouts, those who bravely carried the burden of service during wars and in peacetime, is scheduled for November 5. The holiday in Russia (2015) will be celebrated only for the 15th time, since it was first celebrated in 2000. It is not a day off on the calendar of state holidays.

Today is November 5, a holiday in Russia! After all, this date is considered the birthday of military intelligence. In 1918, Leon Trotsky, as chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR, ordered the organization of a department that was engaged in the distribution of an agent network. Since that time, the history of the modern military intelligence complex begins.

November 5 a holiday in Russia church

What is intelligence?

In the Armed Forces of Russia there are separate platoons,companies, battalions are military intelligence, it is part of the military. In turn, military intelligence is part of the structure of the General Staff. If the General Staff is the "brain of the army," intelligence is "eyes and ears," it is she who collects information. Defense is a sphere of activity that has been carefully concealed. All the information about the enemy, his intentions and plans, means and forces had to be obtained. And often this was done at the limit of strength and at the cost of his life.

It can be argued that the profession of the militaryThe scout is shrouded in romance and is considered one of the respected specialties in the Army. And the piety does not depend on whether the soldier is an ordinary soldier who goes to the enemy's rear behind the "language" or a colonel serving "under cover" in a distant country. Both cause admiration.

When did the intelligence come?

November 5 is a holiday in Russia, but intelligence is far from being97 years, since it was not formed from scratch. The first special intelligence agency was established in 1810, he trained many specialists for the Russian army on the eve of the Patriotic War. But this body is only a stage in the history of intelligence. Thus, at the beginning of the 19th century Russian spies were unobtrusively navigating in French-occupied territories of different countries, while Colonel A. Chernyshov worked in Paris, who even managed to become a favorite of Napoleon.

Also in the middle of the 18th century,Intelligence work in Turkey and Prussia was carried out by the ranks of the General Staff and the Quartermaster. Yes, and Great Peter I gave intelligence missions to his officers going abroad. In general, it can be argued that military intelligence was created at one time with the army.

November 5, what a holiday in Russia

But it was impossible to do without it before. If Russia had not prepared for the raids of the Poles, Lithuanians, Mongol-Tatars and other enemy troops, the rulers could not have taken timely measures to repel the enemy's blow, and the state would have been wiped off the face of the earth. Therefore, the day of the scout is so necessary on November 5 - a holiday in Russia.

Church order and nameless heroes

Interests of the church and state structures inmany are one. His Holiness the Patriarch awarded the Order of the Chief Intelligence Officer of Russia, S.N. Lebedev for his contribution to the development of church-state relations. Awards were also awarded to the head of the FSB N. Patrushev.

History, unfortunately, did not retain the names of the firstScouts who served their land conscientiously. But just as we do not know the names of our contemporaries, Russian intelligence agents. Their exploits for the uninitiated remain unnoticed, such is the specifics of the work, those who put the interests of their Motherland above their own. The writers called them "people of silent deed", but here the word "silence" is most likely to be used, for this action is dictated by the interests of the case, to which the scouts serve selflessly and faithfully. No wonder the song is sung in the song "While intelligence lives, the country will not be lost".

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