Where is the best veterinary clinic in Primorsky district?

Primorsky district of St. Petersburg is enoughis large in area. This is the sleeping area, and business center, and parks, and even the private sector. Almost all veterinary clinics of the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg are located in the northern and northeastern part of it. In the suburban towns of Olgino, Lysias Nos and Lahta there are practically no clinics, and their residents have to move towards the city center. In addition, this is a fairly new area, in which there are many sites with insufficient infrastructure. Near your home veterinary clinic may not be, but if you choose the right institution, long-term health problems your pet does not threaten.

veterinary clinic of Primorsky district

The first acquaintance with the clinic

As soon as you have a pet,pick a suitable clinic and arrange for vaccinations. It is done in advance because, while the beast adapts in your home, it needs to take a course of anthelmintics. Even if the vaccine has already been vaccinated, complications can occur, and you will also need advice on nutrition and caring for the animal.

When choosing a clinic, ask in advance the schedulework and the possibility of round-the-clock treatment. Be sure to specify which closest to you veterinary clinic in the Primorsky region is the departure of a specialist at home. Write down the contact numbers. In an emergency situation, it is better to contact proven specialists than to call on a random ad in which you will be offered a sleep of an animal without an alternative.

Useful services

If you urgently need a 24-hour veterinary clinic in the Primorsky district, you can safely apply to these addresses:

  • pr. Utochkina, 3;
  • Shkolnaya, 108B;
  • pr. Koroleva, d. 32;
  • ul. Dolgoozernaya, 12, building. 2;
  • ul. Dolgoozernaya, 4, building. 1;
  • Komendantsky Ave., 27, building. 1.

veterinary clinics in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg

A specialist will help your little animal at home if you contact the clinic:

  • "Healthy animals";
  • "Vetsoyuz";
  • Citywatch;
  • "1st Vet Clinic";
  • "The Zoom."

You may need a hairdresser's service,grummer, stylist for your pet. It should be said that far from one veterinary clinic in the Primorsky district offers such services. Among them: "Vega", "Zoom", Veterinary Center "Primorsky", "1st Vet Clinic".

Narrow specializations

On the territory of the region there is a veterinaryOncological center "Pride". It is known both in St. Petersburg and beyond. Here doctors with narrow specializations work, specific analyzes are carried out. If you have a disaster with your pet, do not delay treatment. If you wait for the addition of your dog or cat, you can entrust her health to the Center for Veterinary Diagnostics and Reproduction, which is located on Komendantsky Avenue, 27. There, the most complex tests and examinations are performed.

As a regular client of the clinic, you cancount for telephone consultation and for free additional services. Ask for availability of a club card or the possibility of concluding a contract. This will help to save on treatment, especially if it is a puppy or a kitten, requiring constant attention and care. In the most unexpected case it is useful to know which veterinary clinic in Primorsky district can provide you with credit assistance.

State guarantees

If you do not hurry to spend money on the treatment of youranimal, budget and quality services will be provided by the veterinary station of Primorsky district located on Shkolnaya street, 32. The station is equipped with the most modern standards and has all the necessary equipment. She works from 9 am to 9 pm, without dinner. Details you will be told in the registry by phone 430-35-80. Here your pet will be tested urine, blood and feces, if necessary, make an x-ray. Laboratory vetstantsiya - one of the most accurate and modern. Also at the station there are devices for ultrasonic diagnostics and electroencephalography. The State Veterinary Clinic in the Primorsky region conducts chipping and registration of domestic animals, as well as their vaccination. Veterinary specialists will conduct a surgical operation, including osteosynthesis, if necessary. At the station, tartar is cleaned with ultrasound.

veterinary clinic in the seaside area

Clinics in the Primorsky region more than two dozen. Choose the right one will not be difficult. The main thing is your willingness to take care of your pet and be attentive to its needs.

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