Choose a holder for toilet paper

Perhaps the most popular accessory of bathrooms and bathrooms is a holder for toilet paper. In addition to a purely practical function, this device often performs decorative.

A wide range of models allows you to choosethe most suitable version of the holder. As materials of the body, manufacturers use plastic, stainless steel, brass and even bronze. Plastic holders for toilet paper are the most inexpensive, but at the same time the most fragile. Strong pressure or sloppy movements can lead to a rapid breakdown. However, the bright color scheme and non-standard forms of plastic accessories are their undeniable advantage. Such a variety of shades can not boast of any material.

holder of paper towels

Steel holders are most popular, sinceperfectly in harmony with most other accessories of the bathroom or toilet. A holder of paper towels, hooks for bathrobes and other bathroom accessories, fittings for air fresheners are usually made of stainless steel, which allows you to decorate the room using the same style of accessories.

toilet paper holder
Models of brass or bronze are complexforms, the presence of wicker elements and decorative patterns. Such holders will perfectly fit in the interior of the bathroom, decorated in classical or modern style. An unusual and elegant form of accessories attracts attention and makes the decoration of the room more luxurious. Polished brass is a favorite material of many designers. This metal alloy has an interesting shade and special characteristics.

holders for toilet paper

Depending on the method of attachment, the holder forToilet paper can be of two types: wall and floor. Choosing the latter option, you do not have to violate the integrity of the tile or other decorative wall covering, in addition, such a holder can be moved at will. Many floor models have attachments designed to store spare rolls of toilet paper, and a place for air fresheners, which is certainly convenient.

Designers are constantly working on the creation of newmodels of holders. You can choose an option that is a rod fixed to the wall, or a model with a closing lid that prevents wetting of the roll, as well as a built-in holder or an original device made in the form of a figure. A roll of toilet paper can be placed both horizontally and vertically.

In office and commercial premises the holder forToilet paper, as a rule, involves the storage of additional rolls and is large in size. These holders are called dispensers, and their design is designed in such a way that theft is excluded: the device is locked with a key. Such holders use large toilet tissue, the amount of which can be controlled through a special window. The ergonomic appearance and neutral colors of dispensers are excellent for interior decoration of public bathrooms.

decorative towel holder

Toilet paper holder is not onlyconvenient equipment and decorative accessory. This device allows you to use personal hygiene means, avoiding excessive contact of hands with consumables.

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