Children's playground for the street. Children's playgrounds for cottages

In the age of modern gadgets and freethe Internet becomes more difficult to distract children and take them out for a walk. In the old days, the guys walking in the courtyards did not come home under any pretext, because they feared that my mother would not let them go back to their friends.

Flowers of life - our children

Today, games with odnodokami in the yard - thisirrelevant and unfashionable. But fresh air and active activities are the guarantee of health. To lure a child off on the street, we must offer him something fascinating. And what could be more interesting than pastime on a modern site?

children's playground for the street

Children's playground for the street is the besta way to make children obedient and happy. So their energy will be directed to the peaceful channel. In many parks and squares of modern settlements local officials equip children's playgrounds, sites for budgetary money. But very often empty areas of courtyards of high-rise buildings have to equip parents of kids for their blood money - which you will not do for the sake of the good mood of your child.

get it by youself

Children's playground for the street canrepresent a whole city with houses and obstacles. It can be one of a cabin with a slide and a number of interesting buildings. Perhaps it will be a pirate ship with cabins inside. Everything depends on the age of the children for whom the playground is being built, and on the imagination of the parents. For the youngest, small slides are usually built, built into knight castles, mushrooms in the sandbox, models of cars or planes.

children's play complex for cottages

A children's playground for the street can includein themselves elements for the physical development of children: the crossbeams, the rope, which will help to get to the top of the structure, bridges from ropes and other various adaptations. And it is best to make a combined platform, which will be interesting for both large and small, and girls, and boys.

Playing corner with your own hands

Children's play complexes with their own hands to build- not such a difficult task as it seems at first glance. The main thing is to have a little imagination, improvised materials and a desire to create a unique playground for your child. After you have figured out what the children's corner will look like, you can move on to creating the necessary drawings, calculate the sizes and find the right materials for construction.

An excellent option for creating a cozy zone forchildren is the dacha. It is here in good, pleasant days all the family gather to take sun baths and enjoy the clean air. Children's play complex for cottages is a whole fairy-tale world for the baby. After all, you can do anything you like: jump, run, hang on a rope, climb structures, roll on a hill and give vent to your imagination.

children's playground complexes

The first thing you need to do before the construction of the playground - to determine the location of its location, choose the material from which it will be made.

Helpful Tips

Children's play complex for the dacha should besafe and reliable, so it's better to place it in a well-viewed place. Then you can control what is happening on the site. The electric wires or other communications should not pass near the children's corner. It is not necessary to place a site near reservoirs - it can represent a real threat to the child's life.

It is necessary to equip the complex so that during the day it was inshadows, and in the darkness was well illuminated. And, of course, the main thing in the construction of a child's corner is the choice of material. The most popular and reliable tree is considered. Firstly, this product is environmentally friendly and practical, and secondly, a lot of funny and interesting things can be made from wood.


Be sure to install on your site a slide,but remember that it must be safe. The surface must be carefully processed: there should not be any roughness on it. In addition, do not forget that it must be stable and strong.

children's play complex price

Making out a children's playground for the street,make sandbox, play house, swing. Around the site, plant evergreen plants that will delight you and children all year round. On the perimeter of the children's corner, fill in natural materials - it can be gravel, cones, and the most successful option - to fill the area of ​​colored mulch. This material will help create an interesting pattern, it is safe for children, and when falling will soften the blow.

The complex can be enclosed, for example, by smalllogs, hemp or boards. Alternatively, you can use plastic bottles turned upside down and pre-colored with different colors. Funny animals are made of such material. Children's corner can decorate pigs, chickens, frogs - it all depends on your imagination. With scissors and glue you turn plastic bottles into original little animals.

slides for children

Traditionally at registration use tire coversold wheels that are decorated with colored paints and from which various compositions are created, make birds and animals or use as a fence. If your site has turned out to be quite large, it can be divided into play areas.

Material selection

To the creative process of building a playing corner, be sure to involve the child, ask what structures he would like to have on his site and how it should look from his point of view.

When using wood for constructioncomplex you can make tables and chairs from it. Logs can be used as an element of the site, because it is for you ordinary wood, and for a child can be a bridge over a precipice or a single transition from a cabin to a plane. Logs can also serve as sports equipment: children are very useful to walk on them and learn to keep their balance.

A children's play area will be for your child'spersonal space where he can retire or, conversely, have fun with his friends. Here the kid can dream, read or just relax from the outside world.

children's play complexes with their own hands

Buy ready complex

Children's slides, gaming complexes can be bought alreadyready. For sale there are designs of different sizes for children of different ages. A wide selection of products, fabulous design will help to make for the child an interesting recreation area not for one year. The playground will enable the younger generation to properly develop, maintain a sportive shape and lead an active lifestyle.

Buy a children's game complex, the price of whichbegins with 50 000 rubles (depends on the complexity of the design), then give your child a magical world with incredible travel and fabulous adventures. You can combine ready-made slides with self-made swings, sandpits and horizontal bars. So you not only save money, but together with the child will realize his dreams about an ideal platform in life.

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