Pregnancy of a cat

If you want to read my article, it means thatyou live at home a pregnant cat. Of course, the pregnancy of your pet is very important. In order to better understand her condition during pregnancy, it is necessary to know the sequence of processes occurring in the cat's body related to her condition.

An adult cat, as a rule, starts at 7-9months. It was at this time that her estrus begins. To understand when it started is not difficult. During estrus, the cat literally crawls around the apartment, or moves very slowly on its half-bent paws, while it rubs on everything that can be done, including the owner's legs and purses or even mews.

Pregnancy in cats lasts about 65 days.There are cases when it can be several days less (but not less than 60 days) or a little more (up to 70 days). In cats that have short hair and in cats that do not have hair at all, this period is much less than that of their long-haired relatives. Also, the cat's pregnancy lasts less if the cat has more than five kittens. If the pussy gave birth before the minimum deadline, the kittens are unlikely to survive.

Signs of Pregnancy

Before you start knitting, wait until the fever has passed several times, because knitting a cat at the first heat is undesirable, since this can result in unpleasant consequences.

To determine if your cat is pregnant, you can only after three weeks, although some signs may appear earlier.

Signs of pregnancy in cats can be divided intophysiological and behavioral. The physiological can include elevated pink nipples in the third week of pregnancy, vomiting in the mornings in the third or fourth week, weight gain in the fifth week, breast milk filling at week 6 and complete cessation of estrus. In this case the cat is constantly in a sleepy state and absolutely ceases to pay attention to cats. If we talk about changes in behavior, then during pregnancy, the cat is as calm as ever, constantly caresses and tries to attract you with increased attention.

It is worth remembering that a cat can be reduced to a catonly during heat, while cats can mate at any time. But if the homeless cats have estrus twice a year, in spring and autumn, then at home it happens much more often, and in some even every 20 days. In this case, it lasts an average of about a week. The mating during the estrus is not a guarantee of pregnancy, but this can not be immediately understood. The first signs of pregnancy in cats appear only in the third week.

In the second period of pregnancy, the timing of whichmake up from 1 to 3 weeks, the cat becomes sluggish, ceases to eat a lot, constantly sleeps or sleeps. The more affectionate a cat is, the more likely it is that it is in position.

Pregnancy of a cat can be determined by nipples. They not only increase in size, but also acquire a bright pink color.

Three weeks after the onset of pregnancy,cat starts vomiting. Her presence suggests that some changes have taken place in her body. An experienced veterinarian determines pregnancy only on the 20th day.

During the third and fourth periods, whichpass for 4-9 weeks, the kittens in the abdomen begin to move, because their growth is already 5-8 cm and they have hair, and the cat constantly tries to find a place for childbirth and loses its activity. Starting with the sixth week, her stomach is getting bigger and bigger. A few days before the birth, the future mother can not be alone, she will walk for hours at your heels, with her temperature dropping from 38 to 37 degrees. Do not be scared - this is normal.

Pregnancy of a cat is a very unusual phenomenonin some cases, because, being in position, the cat can become pregnant again and give birth simultaneously from different cats. That is why the kittens can be not only of different sizes, but also of varying degrees of doneness.

So, let's sum up.Do not let a pregnant cat out into the street, as the consequences can be irreversible. Try to pay as much attention to it as possible, because the pregnancy of a cat is absolutely equivalent to the pregnancy of women: both can not do without attention. Vitamins and proper nutrition are the guarantee of the birth of healthy kittens. Before giving birth, be sure to purchase food not only for the cat, but for yourself, because at any time giving birth to a cat will need your help, so it's best not to leave her alone for long. And stock up with veterinary clinics, because you may not have time to search for them later.

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