I'm pregnant what to do: stop, panic!

"I'm pregnant what to do?". As a rule, this is the first reaction to the joyful news. Except in cases where pregnancy was long-awaited and suffered, usually such news is a complete surprise for future parents. Almost always people panic. It seems to be good, but at the same time there is a fear of what awaits you now.

Girls who are keenly interested in the answer to thethe question: "I am pregnant with what to do?", should first of all calm down and do not sweat fever. It now seems to you that the world is collapsing along with all plans for life and the near future. Believe me, it will be very short time and you will calm down, you will think everything over and begin to slowly realize the beauty of your situation. Some women, exclaiming: "I'm pregnant with what to do next?", Come to mind seditious thoughts about abortion. Drop them without regret. Killing your own unborn child is not just a crime against him, yourself and society, it's an immoral, immoral act, the consequences of which can torment you for the rest of your life. Therefore, when the girl found out that she was pregnant what to do next she does not understand, it is important to give her at this time the maximum possible support. This can make a husband, parents or friends, it all depends on whether she alone will educate this child.

So, you have already started to slowly realize thatInside you a new life has arisen, now it is important once and for all to put an end to bad habits, if any. Smoking, drinking alcohol and other factors that can have a negative impact on the baby, it is necessary to stop. And you do not have to persuade yourself that nothing will happen from one cigarette, or that a neighbor from the third entrance of two gave birth and smoked like a steam locomotive. Any woman can take herself in hand and for the sake of her own child's health deny herself anything. If you are not capable of such actions, then this is nothing but laxity, selfishness, ignorance and mere meanness.

Among other things, if you already said: "I'm pregnant what should I do?", It is necessary to register with a women's consultation. Each woman does this at different times of pregnancy. But, of course, it is best to be under the supervision of doctors from the very beginning.

Less read different literature forpregnant women. No, of course, to know some important and necessary things about the symptomatology of this condition, the very process of birth and other interesting and necessary things is necessary. But if you are a sensitive person, limit the reading of articles detailing the unsuccessful births, genetic diseases and other facts that can deprive you of sleep.

The most important thing that you must do now issleep well, walk a lot in the fresh air and try to be less nervous. Part of the domestic worries can be shifted to close people, and you need to save strength. This does not mean that you should spend the entire pregnancy in bed with a compress on your forehead. If you feel well, that is, there is no toxicosis and other ailments, lead an active lifestyle. You are not sick, but just waiting for the baby. He will only thank you if you go on a trip, will meet friends, go on walks, go out into the countryside, in general receive positive emotions.

Closer to the end of the term, you can go to the courses forpregnant women. This will help you to prepare yourself morally and physically for the delivery process. You should talk with the baby, watch good films and children's cartoons, and look at the world with optimism whatever happens.

"I'm pregnant what to do?"How can I answer this question?" Calm down, have patience, try to follow the recommendations of doctors and those who have already gone through this and, of course, give birth. "Nine months will pass like one day, and you can finally see your baby.

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