How to bathe a newborn baby? Questions and answers

The first immersion in the water of a newborn childis a very important event that all parents are eagerly awaiting and at the same time very afraid of. When the family is born not the first child, then certain memories are still emerging in the memory. But the birth of the first child necessarily raises a lot of questions about how to bathe a newborn baby. Let's try to answer the most important questions and learn how to do it correctly.

how to bathe a newborn baby
When should there be a first bath?

A healthy baby can enjoy for the first timethis procedure immediately after coming home from the hospital. The first bath should last 5-15 minutes. If you see that the child is delighted with such pastime, then you can later extend the procedure.

In what bath to bathe the newborn?

Before you bathe a newborn baby, yoube sure to think about what you will do it. You can buy a special plastic bath, but bathing in an adult bath is not forbidden. Advantages of a small bath are that it is easier to fill with a decoction of herbs or use even when there is no hot water in the house. An adult bath of general use is more difficult to keep clean, but in it you can immediately teach your child to swim. It is necessary to choose parents, but it is better to use the baby bath for babies for the first few months.

for bathing babies
Do I need to boil water?

Many specialists in the person of not only pediatricians, butand grandmothers recommend bathing babies only in boiled water. It really will not be superfluous, especially in the first days, until the umbilical wound completely heals. Then you can bathe the baby in ordinary tap water from the tap. And if you still want to soften the water, then add sea salt or a decoction of herbs to the bath, but do not do this with every bath.

The water temperature is a purely individual matter

how to bathe an infant
Before bathing a newborn baby,all parents unambiguously raise a question about the water temperature. But no one will give an unequivocal answer, every child feels comfortable at a certain temperature suitable for him. With confidence, we can say that the water should not be too hot or very cool. Bathe the baby for the first time, heat the water to 36-37 degrees, after all, this temperature will not cause discomfort. Be sure to use a special thermometer to determine the water temperature. Later, you yourself will know how to bathe an infant in such a way that this procedure would only bring him pleasure.

At what time is it better to bathe the baby?

Most parents choose the evening time forwater procedures of his child. This is due to the fact that after bathing the crumb is relaxed and calm, and therefore must sleep soundly. But not all children are the same. There are such kids who, splashing in warm water, are ready to please their parents with their cheerful mood for more than one hour. Therefore, the time for bathing should be chosen in accordance with the characteristics of the nervous system of each child.

These and other questions can be found massanswers, but everything comes with experience. It will be a very short time after the birth of the baby, you yourself with confidence will advise other people how to bathe the newborn baby.

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