"Glamor" (cigarettes): description of the brand, types, cost and consumer feedback

Everyone knows that smoking is harmful, but,Despite this, many people are not in a hurry to part with their bad habit. Today, advertising of tobacco products is prohibited, and therefore you can learn more about the manufacturer of a particular brand and its assortment only by examining the packaging of products. One of the popular in our country and around the world brands - "Glamor", cigarettes, created specifically for successful women.

History of the tobacco brand

Tobacco company Gallaher Liggett-Ducatbelongs to the corporation JTI (Japan). Among the manufacturer's assortment there are a lot of cigarettes known to the whole world: Camel, Sobranie, Winston, LD. Many of these brands produce thin cigarettes "specifically for women", but there was no separate brand aimed at the ladies' audience until 2005. It was then that the decision was made to create something fundamentally new. "Glamor" - cigarettes, designed specifically for women with delicate taste, and produced in stylish ladies' design.

Glamor cigarettes

The main types of Glamor cigarettes

In Russia, the most famous are three classic varietiestobacco products of this brand, differing in the level of tar and nicotine content. This is Glamor No. 1 Amber (yellow), Glamor No. 3 Azure (blue) and Glamor No. 5 Lilac (pink). The design of the packs of all three types is similar, differs only in color, so that each consumer can quickly remember how his favorite cigarettes look. Demand creates an offer, and very soon the aromatic variation of Glamor Menthol Superslims brand appeared in the tobacco shops. These are cigarettes with menthol, the packaging of which is adorned with gently turquoise, greenish flowers. The design of packs during the existence of several times changed and became even more attractive. An interesting fact: "Glamor" - cigarettes, which have become quite popular without a powerful advertising campaign.

Rare and discontinued varieties

For some time incredibly popularpacked in a pack with a square base of the Glamor cigarette. Species that received such packaging: Glamor SUNSHINE Aroma, Glamor BLOSSOM Aroma and Glamor MENTOL S.SLIMS NEW. The stylish design of the package looked like a box with lipstick; according to reviews of many ladies who prefer this kind of cigarettes, it became more convenient to carry cigarettes in a purse or pocket. However, today all these species can be found on sale very rarely. Many smoking women choose flavored cigarettes. And specifically for them the brand offers Glamor VIVID Aroma and Glamor EXPRESSSION Aroma - ultra-thin tobacco products, characterized by exquisite taste and aroma. Among the rare varieties of the brand can also be identified Glamor Violet MiniSlims, Glamor Pearl minislims LSS, Glamor Leather Mix Blue. This is both classic and flavored species, among which even the most demanding consumer will find his favorite taste.

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Customer Reviews

"Glamor" - cigarettes, supplied in 17European countries. Today it is one of the most popular inexpensive women's brands. Reviews about the brand's products can be found very different. Some people do not like these cigarettes, there are brands and fans who choose "Glamor" for many years. Among the real advantages of the brand, consumers give off a mild taste, a minimum content of nicotine and tar. The packaging design is popular with many women, such a stylish pack is not a shame to get out of your handbag anywhere.

Cigarette glamor types

The cost of a pack is another weighty argument,thanks to which many smoking ladies choose Glamor cigarettes. The price of tobacco products of this brand is democratic, today it is less than 100 rubles in all regions of Russia. At the same time, the brand is pleased with the good quality of products and attractive packaging. However, than to smoke cheap cigarettes only because of their accessibility or habit, it is better to quit smoking altogether. Remember: the use of tobacco products harms your health and can lead to irreversible consequences.

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