The long-awaited graduation in 9th grade

How quickly time flew by. As if only yesterday you brought the handle of your child to the first class. He was a little confused, but at the same time extremely proud and happy. After all, he is already quite grown up - behind his shoulders such a new and such a "serious" backpack, in his hands a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which he will give his first teacher. He is absolutely an adult, after all, he has already graduated from the kindergarten. But the years passed like one day, and now your child is already finishing the ninth grade. What will he do next? Will he continue to study at school or go to college or lyceum?

graduation in 9th grade
Surely you have already decided on the choice. But in the very near future your child expects graduation in 9th grade. In his life, there have already been such events - graduation in primary school. But all this was "toy" graduation - a festive morning with tea and farewell to his first teacher. And now there is a real graduation evening in 9th grade. Schoolchildren for the first time receive their own serious document - a certificate of basic general education. Usually, the graduation in grade 9 is less festive than after the end of the eleventh grade, because most graduates will again meet at the school on the first of September.

But still I want to note this event. How is it better to hold a graduation in grade 9?

graduation in primary school
Usually before graduates and their parentstwo options are clearly outlined: to abandon the traditional script that is usually used in the eleventh grade, or to conduct a kind of rehearsal of this celebration - evening dresses, a restaurant, a dawn meeting, but a little more modest.

Immediately the question arises: is there any sense in arranging two identical events with an interval of two years? The guys have yet to celebrate in the restaurant, champagne splashes and evening toilets, but not now, a little later. Graduation in the 9th grade is beautiful with its unusual and original. Experiment after the end of the eleventh class is unlikely to become someone. Arrange thematic graduation party in the style of pirates or hippies, styliks or gangsters. There are many options, you just have to decide and choose the right one.

prom evening in 9th form
You can celebrate this event in nature. You can rent a recreation center in advance or simply leave for an overnight stay in a forest park outside the city. Swim in the river, play volleyball or basketball, and sit in the evening with a guitar by the fire. Hardly anyone decides to celebrate the graduation in the eleventh grade, and for the ninth grade the idea is not bad.

If in your city there is no possibility to take out guyson nature, use another idea - mark your holiday at the bowling club. The only thing that you need to remember when deciding on the place of celebration is to take care of renting in advance, and not to do it on the last day, because someone can be quicker and you will be left out of work.

You can celebrate the prom party with an interesting excursion to another city or just go sightseeing around your city - the choice is only for you and your children.

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