Then the people are asking: from what date is Maslenitsa?

The question "What is the number of Maslenitsa?"begins to sound almost immediately after the end of January vacation.The holiday, in fact, is quite a real day of national unity, when all the diversity of folk customs and traditions is manifested, when national and religious preferences fade into the background. the holiday absorbed both pagan and Orthodox components and is widely celebrated by all the inhabitants of Russia with virtually no exceptions.

what number shroud

People believed that the more sumptuous and fun it would bewalking, the more conspicuously later the fields will be killed. Therefore, at the end of the week, not everyone could answer the question about the number of Maslenitsa: each day had its own and very rich program. In the old days it was a time of seeing off (or, rather, digging out) of winter, waiting for warmth, spring joy and species for harvest.

Shroud of what number

Refined, Pancake week of what number, survivedSunday raining - "eating ram" - and a Monday meeting with those who want to "see people and show themselves"? Danced Tuesday "zaigrysh" and respected the famous mother-in-law pancakes on Wednesday? Even the most staunch did not stay on the feet of a binge Thursday. There is where to turn to real men: riding from the mountains on a sleigh, jumps of quick triples, a siege and taking of snowy towns, and what fist fights are "wall to wall"! The girls did not stay away from the fun: throughout the neighborhood they were entertained both by the narrowed and the mummers (not only the princes themselves rallied together, but even their stallions managed to pull on their pants!).

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And how they treated each other! It is not for nothing that people called Shrove Tuesday a vesture, a destroyer, a blinder, or a broad-hearted deceiver. Infinite mother-in-the-moon and zolovkin gatherings - what an expanse for gourmets! And it does not matter what date! The Carnival seemed to be endless. However, all this week-long celebration inevitably poured into the apotheosis - Forgiveness Sunday.

In the great fire burned Maslenitsa - a scarecrow,symbolizing the winter cold, there were also remains of feasts and tired of all fun. It burned down and Sunday, gradually calming the rampant riot and reconciling even the most sworn enemies.

Yes, nice to walk! And this is despite the fact that the Orthodox Church does not tire of repeating to us that the Carnival, no matter how many days it begins, must pass in silence. At this time, you need to try to get close to the thoughts of the Lord. Carnival week is a bright foreplay of abstinence, the beginning of compassion and repentance ... This time is unacceptable to lose in revelry, because the so-called Slept (Masked) week precedes the Great Lent. And to the cleansing Great Lent it is necessary to prepare both the soul and the body: to visit the temple, pray a lot, reconcile with circumstances and with your loved ones, think about repentance, for we all are sinners.

Of course, everyone should know from what date Maslenitsa begins and how many days it ends. It is for this purpose that the corresponding table is attached in this article.

What is the number of Pancake week

And everyone should choose how to conduct thisa wonderful week: someone surrenders to the mercy of traditions, and someone remains faithful to the Christian teaching. The holiday is bright, the holiday is bright! Of course, it is not only possible to celebrate, but it is also necessary!

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