Braun G3000 meat grinder: review, photo, reviews

Juicy cutlets, fragrant homemade sausages,cabbage rolls and dumplings - all these dishes are prepared from minced meat. In turn, it requires a good grinder. Grind 1.5 kilograms of meat per minute under the power of not every device. But the meat grinder Braun Multiquick 7 G3000 copes with this task perfectly. Overview of the model, instructions for work and customer feedback are presented in our article.

Braun G3000 meat grinder: a review of the model

Meat grinder Multiquick 7 G3000 is the latest developmentof Braun. It has an updated body design and a few extra features. The case is made of white plastic. The stability of the meat grinder is provided by four rubberized legs. The main working elements of the device are made of metal.

braun g3000

The complete set includes a plastic pusher for products, a metal tray for meat and two additional nozzles, including sausages. Particular attention deserves a sharp, self-sharpening knife.In the presented model of the meat grinder, three grilles with different apertures are provided, which makes it possible to obtain minced meat of different degree of processing. The output shaft of the device is located higher than in the previous models, which makes it possible to use a higher and voluminous bowl for prepared meat.

Meat grinder Braun G3000, the photo of which is presented above, has the following features:

  • grinds even frozen meat (at a temperature not lower than -5 degrees);
  • Has a high power of 1500 watts;
  • is equipped with a reverse function, which allows the device to work in the opposite direction.

A powerful meat grinder is specially designed forwork with normal household quantities. The device is designed in accordance with the highest standards of quality, functionality and design, characteristic of the technique of the famous German brand.

Technical characteristics of meat grinder

A full idea of ​​the device is given by its technical data. With their help, you can assess the power of the device and its performance.

meat grinder braun multiquick 7 g3000

The meat grinder Braun G3000 has the following main features:

  • high power - 1500 W;
  • productivity - 1,5 kg per minute;
  • overload protection;
  • processing of frozen meat;
  • reverse and pusher;
  • 3 gratings in the set (3 mm, 4.5 mm, 8 mm);
  • a tray for feeding products;
  • cord storage compartment;
  • removable stainless steel knife.

The high-performance meat grinder of the presented model operates in a single-speed mode.

Instructions for working with the Braun G3000 grinder

All the moments concerning the operation of the device, you canfind the instructions that are attached to each unit. Before starting the process, you must ensure that all parts and mechanisms are correctly assembled. It is necessary to double-check that the cutting edges of the knife are facing the disk, and the assembled head of the meat grinder is tightly connected to the motor with a bayonet lock.

meat grinder braun g3000 reviews

In accordance with the instruction, the meat in the meat grinder must be processed in the following sequence:

  1. Collect and prepare the meat grinder for work.
  2. Prepare the products for processing. To do this, cut the meat from the bones, remove the veins, cut into small pieces. Prepared meat put on the tray.
  3. Turn on the motor of the meat grinder, and then gradually using the pusher to load the prepared meat and vegetables into the absorbing part of the appliance.
  4. When processing frozen meat, it needs to be thawed a little to such a state, to cut it into pieces (temperature -5 degrees).
  5. Before using the sausage nozzle, the meat should be processed twice.

In addition to meat, the meat grinder Braun G3000 processes soaked bread, vegetables, boiled potatoes, fish, pitted plums for jam.

All removable parts must be cleanedMince rinse under running water, and then wipe dry. The case of the device is wiped with a damp cloth. Do not wash removable parts in the dishwasher.

Advantages of the Braun G3000 mincer

The meat grinder of the Multiquick 7 G3000 model is ideal for people who appreciate speed and reliability in household appliances. To process meat for a few seconds under the force of not all of them.

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The Braun G3000 has the following advantages:

  • the reverse function allows the meat grinder to go back, instead of disassembling the device;
  • thanks to the high power it can handle even with slightly frozen meat, which saves time;
  • with the help of three disks of different diameters it is possible to prepare forcemeat for any tasks;
  • presence in the complete set of a unique nozzle for the preparation of domestic sausages;
  • reliable anti-slip, rubberized coating, ensuring the stability of the meat grinder;
  • use in the manufacture of household appliances environmentally friendly materials, in particular environmentally friendly plastic.

With a meat grinder Braun G3000, meat processing will start to bring you pleasure.

Braun G3000 meat grinder: customer reviews

In the rating of meat grinders intended forhome use, the Braun G3000 takes one of the leading places. All buyers agree with this, they have left positive comments on the device operation.

In their opinion, meat grinder Braun Multiquick 7 G3000 has the following advantages:

  • Easily recycles any meat with veins and without them;
  • all parts are made of quality materials (do not rust, as in some other devices);
  • presence of a special button for screw extraction;
  • quality, well sharpened knife;
  • high power and performance;
  • wire of sufficient length;
  • availability of nozzles for sausages;
  • stability on the table;
  • ergonomic design;
  • affordable price.

braun g3000 review

According to customers' feedback, the following can be attributed to the shortcomings of a meat grinder:

  • The meat tray rotates around its axis, which is not very convenient;
  • high volume of work;
  • narrow opening for meat loading.

To the work of the device, or rather to the qualityprocessed meat, the buyers clearly have no complaints. This confirms that the meat grinder is quite deservedly included in the rating of the best in its group of products.

How much is the Braun Multiquick 7 G3000?

One of the advantages of the Multiquick 7 G3000is quite affordable price. The presented meat grinder costs about 10 thousand rubles. For a device of a famous German brand this is a good price. The build quality and functionality of the meat mincer at the highest level, that provides the most effective grinding of products.</ span </ p>

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