Weak pregnancy. Causes of appearance

Weakness in pregnancy is quite normal. The organism of the future mother changes significantly, there is a huge load on all systems, to this, changes are added at the hormonal level.

There is no definite scenario for the development of weakness, forevery woman manifestations are individual. Someone's malaise accompanies almost the entire pregnancy, for someone the manifestations are very rare. Perhaps, weakness during pregnancy will occur in the first trimester, and may overtake in the third.

Manifestations of ailments are different and most oftendepend on the period of pregnancy. In the first trimester many women are concerned about early toxicosis. It is associated with hormonal changes. During this period, the placenta develops actively, which generates a large number of hormones that contribute to the reorganization of the mother's body to bear the baby. Such weakness in pregnancy, as a toxicosis, can be called a side effect, adapting the body to its new position.

Toxicosis may not appear at all, but canbe quite strong. Normal occurrence of vomiting is 4-5 times a day and a slight weight loss, but if the amount of vomiting increases and is accompanied by excessive salivation and a large loss of body weight, a woman needs medical help. A strong manifestation of toxicosis harms the child. The mother's body is dehydrated and the fetus receives less nutrients and oxygen, which is very dangerous and can even lead to miscarriage or various developmental anomalies. Most often, in this case, the future mother will be offered hospitalization and treatment to support the body and facilitate the manifestation of toxicosis.

Almost every woman is accompanied by aweakness in pregnancy, like dizziness. This is the result of changes in the circulatory system of the body. Vessels become larger, the circle of blood circulation increases and the total volume of blood increases. In some cases, the cause is the pressure of the growing uterus on the vessels. Vertigo is more common in the second and third trimester. This weakness manifests itself with rising, sharp straightening, changing position. This is due to a sudden outflow of blood from the brain, resulting in a drop in pressure. Therefore, you simply can not jump sharply, otherwise it can lead to fainting.

Such severe weakness during pregnancy asdizziness and fainting can be triggered by low blood sugar, this occurs with very long intervals between meals or lack of nutrients. Therefore, it is recommended to comply with the regime and diet, which must necessarily include vegetables, fruits and foods rich in protein.

Dizziness is caused by a long stay in thestuffy unventilated room, especially in the heat. Therefore, pregnant women simply need air conditioning or a fan in the summer. But even with extreme heat, the room should be regularly ventilated, otherwise the accumulation of carbon dioxide will lead not only to a semi-faint condition, but also to a headache. If suddenly there was weakness during pregnancy and a woman feels an impending fainting, it is necessary to increase the flow of blood to the brain. To do this, you need to lie down and raise your legs (you can simply put a pillow under them or lean against the wall). If there is no way to lie down, you can stand on one knee and bend over as if tucking shoelaces.

If the fainting condition occurs fairlyoften, it is better not to take risks and not leave the house alone and be sure to inform the doctor about this weakness, this may be the cause of any disease.

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