Choosing a slide for children to give

Children's slides are a great entertainmentfor children. At any age it is interesting to ride on bright and beautiful slides. A very good solution would be to set up slides for children to give. Children will have something to entertain themselves, they will not distract adults, you can do your own thing. Such products are installed in the open air. You can pick up both a large-sized slide, and a small and compact. This will allow you to install it on any small site.

How to choose

children's slides for the street
First of all, children's slides for the streetare selected according to the age of the children. Naturally, if the child is already big enough, then small items for kids will not work for him. Also an important condition for choosing is security. Hills must be reliable, the edges of them - rounded, without sharp corners. It will be good if the hill will have a safe and comfortable descent. Install it in a safe place and very tight. Today there are many different slides made of different materials. Each of them has its advantages.

Plastic children's slides

These roller coaster today are the most common. First, they are universal, because they are suitable for children of any age, and, secondly, they are affordable. Such slides for children for cottages have many advantages. So, they will not crack like wooden, and will not become hot or cold under the influence of weather, like metal ones. In addition, such slides will not rust and will not require special care. In addition, they are the safest and easiest to install.

Wooden children's slides

The slides for children for a dacha of wood are also installed. They are warm, eco-friendly and cozy. However, they have many drawbacks. A tree can

children's inflatable slides
crack and cracks with time, androt under the influence of moisture. This can harm the baby. To ensure that such a hill has served long and reliable, you need to take good care of it and process it with special means.

Metal children's slides

Children's hills for summer cottages
Metal slides for children to give covermainly stainless steel or aluminum. The frame is here already made of metal. Advantage of such a hill will be its strength and sufficiently high wear resistance. The downside is that under the influence of weather conditions it will very quickly both heat up and cool down. In addition, such a hill can be corroded over time.

Inflatable Slides

Children's inflatable slides can be high andlow, simple and decorated. They are interesting for children, as well as safe, because usually from the sides of the descent on the hill, soft edges are installed, which will prevent the child from falling. They are resistant to weather changes and will serve more than one year. However, you need to handle them carefully, because, even despite the strength of the material from which they are made, they can be punctured. If you install such a hill in the suburban area, then install it best on the lawn, away from trees and branches. If desired, you can make a descent into the water, and then such a hill will become a wonderful water attraction.

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