What is the toxicosis of pregnant women?

Many women believe that every pregnancyis accompanied by such a phenomenon as toxicosis that it is normal and it passes by itself. However, in some cases, the symptoms of early gestosis (toxicosis) become so strong that a woman needs hospitalization.

What is a toxicosis?

Toxicosis is an uncomfortable and unhealthy condition associated with pregnancy.

Until now, there is debate about what is becomingcause the appearance in early toxicosis of such symptoms as nausea, vomiting, heartburn and drooling. There are only theories of the emergence of this state. Someone associates his appearance with the immune system of a woman who perceives the fetus as an alien protein in her body, some scientists suggest that heredity and psychological predisposition play a role. But in most cases, all the same, toxicosis is a simultaneous combination of several factors.

How is toxicosis manifested?

According to the terms, toxicosis can be early, when it appears before the 12th week of pregnancy, and may be late, occurring after the 20th week.

What is early toxicosis, knows almostevery woman. According to the literature, 90% of all pregnant women face it, although most carry it easily. But there are also those who feel so bad that they can not perform even the easiest work.

The severity is determined by the number of episodes of vomiting,so, an easy degree - up to 5 times a day, an average degree - 6-10 times a day, and a heavy degree - more than 10 times a day. In addition, the parameters of blood pressure, pulse and general condition of the pregnant woman are taken into account. With a large loss of fluid, dehydration can occur, which will have a negative effect on the health of the future mother and development of the fetus.

Symptoms such as drooling and heartburn are observed with toxicosis often, but there may be rare forms of this condition, for example, dermatitis or jaundice of a pregnant woman.

What is toxicosis in the late term, knowfew, but this state is the greatest danger for the mother and child. By classification, it can manifest as dropsy, pre-eclampsia and eclampsia. The body accumulates a large amount of fluid, at which time the arterial pressure rises to such a level that a placental abruption can occur, which threatens fetal hypoxia.

How to cope with a toxicosis?

A pregnant woman needs to know not only what is toxicosis, but also about the methods of fighting it.

You can help yourself by following simple recommendations:

- Physical activity should alternate with rest.

- You must walk in the fresh air.

- After meals, preferably a few minutes to lie down.

- In the morning, you do not need to get up off the bed, it is better to eat something at first (for example, a cracker or an orange slice).

- To eat and drink it is necessary fractional and often.

- Benefits bring grass. For example, sage, chamomile and mint reduce drooling, and calendula and valerian well soothe, relieve nausea water with honey and pumpkin juice.

Severe toxicosis during pregnancyis observed in only 2% of cases, but it is a formidable condition, since it can lead to the death of the fetus or of the woman herself. You should know that at home, it is possible to fight with toxicosis only in the case of its mild course. With indomitable vomiting, sharp weight loss, flabbiness of the skin, fever or severe weakness should consult a doctor. Heavy toxicosis must be treated in a hospital under the supervision of specialists.

Drink medicines (antiemetic, vitamins C and B, choleretic) can only be after consulting a doctor.

It is necessary to watch your weight, if there is a sharp increase in it, it is an occasion to visit a doctor, because swelling can be the first "calls" of late toxicosis.

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