Stylish and elegant: the curtains in the bedroom

The modern market provides such a widechoice that the buyer is often difficult to navigate in a variety of styles trends. But if an unsuccessful choice in clothes can be embellished with accessories and a combination of different things, the curtains and curtains bought for the house will last much longer. Therefore, to select the fabric and color of this integral piece of interior should be treated scrupulously, especially if it comes to such an accessory, as the curtains in the bedroom.

Curtains in the bedroom
Very often the hostess relies on magazines,showcasing fashion trends in interior design. But a beautiful picture in the magazine is one thing, and your own bedroom is another, because apart from the general color solution, one should also take into account the room's lighting, the style of furniture, the texture of the wallpaper or the paint of the walls. Architectural details of the room, such as the size of the window, the height of the ceilings, the presence or absence of the ceiling beams, the size of the sills and the device of the batteries should also be taken into account when choosing the best design for the bedroom window.

If there are anyIneradicable details that spoil the overall harmony of the interior, such as elements of electrical wiring or pipes, then successfully selected curtains in the bedroom can hide them, mask and redirect the attention to the most advantageous details of the design of the room. So, one of the ways to emphasize the dignity of the room is the beautiful curtains in the bedroom. The photo on the left shows how a successful choice of shape and fabric curtains favorably plays the arch.

Curtains in the bedroom serve not only forwindow decorations, from the possibility of shading and ventilating the room, the quality of the sleep of its inhabitants depends. Therefore, their fabric should be dense, not light-tolerant, and their size and location should not interfere with opening the window freely.

It should also be remembered that beautiful curtains serveframing the window opening, emphasizing or hiding the view from the window. If he is not happy with his beauty, then you can use curtains or translucent roller blinds.

beautiful curtains in the bedroom, photo

If there is a wide window sill,on its middle is a large vase or houseplant, picking it up in the same color scheme as the curtains in the bedroom. This element will look organically in front of the window, first of all attracting attention to itself.

From the furniture in the bedroom depends on the selection of curtains: if the bed is made in a massive classic style, then it is best to choose curtains with magnificent drapery and decorative design elements, whereas for a bedroom in the traditional English style, London curtains with their decorative fold and small floral pattern are best suited.

curtains in the bedroom, photo 2013

Despite the fact that the laws of design are sufficientdemanding to detail, modern fashion trends are widely experimented with the blending of styles. Therefore, if you are not afraid to experiment, then choose curtains, guided primarily by your personal artistic feelings. Then, in the final decision of choosing curtains, there will be not only harmony with the overall design of the room, but also your own creativity. For example, curtains in the bedroom, photo 2013. As you can see, modern trends in the interior are very diverse - from the classical to the author's.

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