What is the name of the most evil dog?

breed of the most evil dog
The fact that a dog is a friend of a person knows evenchild. But the wrong education, lack of discipline and training can make the animal unmanageable to such an extent that it will be dangerous for him to be near even the owner. But there are also breeds of dogs that are aggressive from nature: as a rule, they are fighting dogs that already have bloodshed and stubbornness in their blood, as well as their decorative companions, forced by their small size to constantly be in tension and inadequately react in any unfamiliar situation . So, let's find out who is to be feared in reality. From our article you will learn what is called the breed of the most evil dog (there were not one of them). The information has been prepared according to American research and is still relevant to this day.


This breed of dogs is recommended to start onlypeople who are confident that they will be able to devote a lot of time to it and constantly train it. A distinctive feature of the boxer is poor learning ability, adjacent to stubbornness. The dog may well give up obedience and start acting on its own, which means a total loss of control for the master.

Chow Chow

Strangely enough, but this is also the most evil breeddogs. Chow-chow is associated with laziness and calmness, but this is not entirely true. The fact is that she constantly needs attention from the owner and a sense of his domination. Regular training, training can turn a chow-chow into a disciplined creation.


breed of evil dogs photo

Aggressiveness of this representative of dogs, inmostly manifested when she feels a danger, a threat to her master and his family. At these times, it is very difficult to control the Doberman, and the enemy will not have to be sweet if the dog breaks off the leash and gives vent to its teeth. Like any dog, she needs constant training and control.


Perhaps the malamute can also claimthe title "the breed of the most evil dog". In themselves malamutes are not aggressive and do not pose a threat to the owner and other household members, however there is one big "BUT". Dog, accustomed to the north and heavy loads, just can not sit around. At least once a day, but with it you just need to do: play, educate. Otherwise, you will get a huge giant that will run around your house and smash everything in its path.

German Shepherd

The beauty of this breed lies in the remarkablemind, self-confidence and obedience. In the skillful hands of the "German" will be the one you want to see: a gentle family man, an evil guard or an excellent companion in the service. Sheepdog is a breed of the most evil dog in the event that the owner improperly educates his pet or does not do it at all. In conditions of lack of control, the dog is capable of many things.

evil breeds of dogs


The aggressiveness of this breed sometimes scares even theowners and some of them prefer to have weapons with them, just in case, which can be used if the dog becomes uncontrollable. Malice and constant readiness for battle in the pit bull are character traits.

So, these were the evil breeds of dogs in terms ofdanger to human health. Also, scientists note that there is a four-pronged pet that, as such, can not "bite", but it is quite aggressive. It's about the dachshund. The little dog is very nervous to respond to any stranger and may well bark it. Bite, of course, can also, only it will not be so dangerous, as, for example, the bites of a Doberman.

Here are some such breeds of evil dogs (photo of some we placed in the article). Specialists are asked to be particularly careful with them and not to take pets out on aggression intentionally.

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