Ryazan: veterinary clinic at Tatarskaya and Chapaeva

No owner will trust his dog, cat orAnother pet to the first vet. In search of a good specialist, you can travel all over Ryazan. Veterinary clinic with competent doctors and modern equipment in this city is not so often. Let's look at two of them.

Ryazan: veterinary clinic "9 lives"

Veterinarius "9 lives", located along Tatarskaya Street, has a staff of qualified doctors and high-tech equipment that allows performing complex surgical interventions.

Veterinarians from the clinic "9 lives" are known for the wholeRyazan. Veterinary clinic provides the following types of care: resuscitation, anesthesia, obstetrics, dental treatment, castration and sterilization, ear, tail, ear correction, diet selection, rehabilitation.

Ryazan Veterinary Clinic

Calling the doctor at home

It often happens that our furry favoritesick, but we can not help him, because there is no way to get to the vet. Traveling around the city is a big stress for a sick animal, especially for such a big and noisy one as Ryazan. The Veterinary Clinic on Tatarskaya offers a service on the call of a veterinarian to the house.

The owners who visit the hospital often notice,how nervous their pets are. They try to hide away, tear off the leash, growl, cease to be like themselves. Large, strong animals, such as fighting, guard dogs, in such a situation can be dangerous not only for the veterinarian, but also for the owner.

In this regard, home inspection is preferablestationary. The animal feels and behaves calmly, being in familiar surroundings, among familiar smells. Calling a specialist at home will help you save not only the health of the animal, but also your own nerves.

veterinary clinics of ryazani Tatar

From the owners of animals, the veterinary clinics of Ryazan (Tatar street, to be more specific) receive positive feedback, because their doctors leave for the house not only in the workplace, but also at night.


Any animal needs care and care. Feeding, walking, playing games is not all. Particular attention deserves the appearance of a pet.

Grooming hair (grooming) is not so muchThe aesthetic side of the question, how much does the hygiene of the animal require? Shaggy dogs and cats often suffer from the fact that the knuckles clog their ears, interfere with walking. In a warm, dense coat, fleas and other parasites multiply faster. Therefore it is necessary to get rid of excess wool regularly, but it is not easy to do this without the help of a specialist. Quality grooming services are provided not only by the veterinary clinic "9 lives", but also the veterinary clinic "Aibolit", located on Chapaeva street.

aybolit veterinary clinic ryazan reviews

Clinic "Aibolit"

Ryazan clinic "Aibolit" takes far fromthe last place in its segment. Doctors of the clinic provide such services as primary examination and diagnosis, surgical interventions of various types, removal of splinters and other foreign bodies, labor and cesarean section, services of an ophthalmologist and dentist, laboratory studies of biological material and many others.

All the residents of the city know that "Aibolit"veterinary clinic. Ryazan reviews about it provides only positive. As visitors are attracted here not only with adequate prices, but also a competent, benevolent team.

You can be sure that thanks toprofessionalism of doctors and attentive attitude your pet will receive all necessary treatment. After admission, specialists will advise you on further therapy, as well as rehabilitation and proper care of the animal.

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