Where and when is Father's Day celebrated

For the first time the idea of ​​celebrating Father's Day came to the USback in 1909. It was at this time that the large child head of the William Jackson family had a sixth child. After receiving the long-awaited baby, he lost his beloved wife, but was able to independently raise healthy and full-fledged children. One of his daughters thought that he should thank his father for the fact that he alone nurtured and raised her and five other brothers and sisters. Then the woman asked the local authorities to establish a new holiday for the fathers. The event was to take place on the birthday of William Smith, a large child, on June 5, but passed only on the 19th, as there was not enough time to prepare the holiday. After that Father's Day became popular also in other countries.

Thanks to this brave man and his children, in many places celebrate this holiday - in the US, in the Netherlands, in the UK, in France, in China.

Father's Day is an event that, according toformer President Calvin Coolidge, will strengthen the relationship between children and their dads, and it should remind the heads of the family of their responsibilities in the upbringing of the child. But still this celebration was officially accepted only in 1972. Starting from this year, and to this day every third Sunday in June, Father's Day is celebrated, where all loving children give roses to their dads. If the father is dead, white flowers are brought to his grave, and if he is in good health, then they give red roses.

In each country this holiday is celebrated indifferent time. And so, to the question - Father's Day, what number, you can answer that around the world this event copes all year round. Most celebrate it in June, but Australia and Ukraine, for example, hold a celebration in September, Sweden in November, Georgia and Italy in March, Brazil in August. As for Russia, there is still no official adoption of this holiday. But still in some Russian places people take part in this event. Currently, Father's Day is celebrated by such cities as Perm, Novosibirsk, Dimitrovgrad, Cherepovets, Volgograd, Lipetsk, Kurchatov, Kursk, Ulyanovsk.

Although many deputies support the initiative to introduce this celebration to Russia, some authorities do not agree to establish this holiday for various reasons.

Some members of parliament say thatsuch an event already exists - this is February 23. Also, most of the opinions came to the conclusion that the father is a constant value that does not need a celebration, unlike the mother. It is advisable to leave the holiday on March 8, when all mothers can be thanked for the wonderful birth and birth of children.

In Russia, to approve such a holiday is nothurry, but come to the opinion to establish a family day, which can revive the lost morality. Opinions differ, so far not all countries prefer to enter this holiday, referring to the fact that not every father deserved such an event.

At the moment, express my gratitude andMany residents of different countries and cities can love the heads of the family. Congratulations to the father on his birthday can be very different, given the wishes and character of the parent.

Let's hope that soon everyonethe Russian will celebrate this wonderful holiday. If we judge that not every daddy deserves a good relationship, then we can mention modern mothers who do not want to raise a child and give it to orphanages. But still for such "moms" is - International Women's Day. The issue of introducing Father's Day in Russia will continue to worry many people for many years. Many representatives of the heads of the family are quite worthy of this holiday, because a modern man is more anxious, responsible and sensitive to the upbringing of his baby.

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