Holidays in August

We are all used to counting the period from December to Marchthe most saturated in terms of holidays. However, it is worth looking into the calendar and it becomes clear that every month of this year there are many reasons to organize a real celebration. Take, for example, August. Many will say that the holidays in August can be counted on the fingers. On the second Saturday of the last month of summer, all people who advocate for a healthy lifestyle unite and celebrate the Day of the Athlete. He passes cheerfully and fervently, under the joyful tramp of the feet of hundreds of marathoners, under the exclamations of football fans, to the sound of a tennis ball on the racket. Holidays in August in Russia are diverse.

On the second Sunday in August, the country marksBuilder's day, an important event for people who provide us with comfortable housing, realize the most intricate construction projects. And on the last Sunday of the month we honor courageous people - miners, who every time go down into the slaughter in order to get "black gold" for the country, so that every house will have warmth. Because the Miner's Day is coming. It would seem, that's all, but no. This holiday does not end in August. And what about the day of the collector, which is celebrated on August 1! After all, these people care more than the rest about the safety of the money given to them. And the next Airborne Day! A glorious feast of paratroopers, "winged infantry", which, on the first order, rushes to defend the Motherland.

Do not forget about the significant dayrailwayman. After all, the railway is an important transport network that connects many localities in our country. Such a holiday takes place on August 5. All workers of the railways: the drivers, dispatchers, guides and all those who connected their lives with the romance of wheels knocking on the rails, rejoice at this bright and long-awaited day.

And this is not all holidays. In August we celebrate the Day of Military Glory in Russia. It is celebrated solely on August 9th. And on the 22nd day the Flag Day of the Russian Federation is coming. These are holidays for true patriots of their country. And among other things, in August there is a day for the indigenous peoples of the world, archeologists, truckers, statisticians, beekeepers and aviators.

In addition to the usual significant days, duringwhich are concert programs, shows, competitions, fairs, there are more holidays in August, which differ from the above events in that they are ecclesiastical. August begins with the day of Elijah the prophet, which falls on the second day of the month. According to an old tradition, at this time, if it started to rain, people try to wash themselves with rain water to remove their evil eye and spoilage. But in the water from this day, stop bathing. On August 10, the Orthodox celebrate the Day of the Icon, which depicts the Mother of God, for a long time known as the Icon of the Blessed Virgin "Odigitria-Smolenskaya". It has long been protecting Russia from enemies.

There are also religious holidays in August. On the 14th, people rush into the church to celebrate the Origin of the Life-giving Cross of the Lord. This holiday is still called a honey-ship, as in churches the water and honey are consecrated. In churches, the cross is carried out, and the church attendants, along with the parishioners, pray that the Lord will protect them with the power of their cross from enemies and infirmities. From this day they start to drive honey. In addition, he must be on the dining table in every house, as a special symbol of this holiday. On this day, a strict and important Assumption fast begins. Every year on August 19, the Second is celebrated, or it is still beautifully called "Apple salvage". In the church it is called the Day of the Transfiguration of the Lord God. At that moment, the harvest in the church is consecrated in the church, in which apples must certainly be present. But on the 28th, all the believers celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin.

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